Fast-growing topsoil supplier upsizes with stacker

Understanding that an energetic, informed market is also a demanding one, Park Landscaping owner Eli Dehghani has been quick to increase capital resources to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding customer base.

To match the growth of new home construction and new commercial development in the local market in Edmonton, Alberta, Dehghani’s Park Topsoil subsidiary added a heavy-duty 36” x 80’ stacking conveyor from global materials
processing equipment manufacturer McCloskey International.

“An 80’ stacker has given us the ability to stockpile larger quantities of screened soil, compared to our previous 30-footer,” Dehghani said.

“Having a larger inventory of screened soil made us a more reliable supplier to our customers, which led to the retention of our existing customers and more repeat sales.

“We have also been able to meet the demands of new customers, including large developers that we were previously unable to supply because of their needs for large quantities of topsoil.”

After a 38 per cent increase in sales in 2012, Park Landscaping was on pace for sales growth of more than 50 per cent in 2013, placing it in the top five per cent for soil manufacturing and the top 15 per cent of landscapers in the burgeoning Edmonton market. Serving other landscaping companies as well as city developers and private homeowners, Park Topsoil provides screened sand, peat moss, garden mix and topsoil for landscaping and grading applications.


“With the 80’ McCloskey stacker, we have the capacity to stockpile approximately three times more product than basically all of our competitors,” Dehghani said.

“This gives us the opportunity to supply larger volumes in shorter periods of time.”

Adding the McCloskey 36” x 80’ stacking conveyor has not only enhanced production rates, but also the efficiency of the Park Topsoil operation.

Without having to move the stacker as often, less time in the work day is wasted; the unit is extremely easy to grease and tend to for any other service requirements.

“And we’re always running,” Dehghani said, praising the unit’s durability. “We put more than 1000 hours on the machine and it hasn’t failed on us.

“We have spent precisely zero hours being down for unscheduled maintenance or repair.”

The McCloskey 36” x 80’ stacking conveyor is powered by a 49hp Kubota Tier 3 diesel engine, which has earned Dehghani’s praise for its fuel efficiency.

In addition to diesel engines, all McCloskey units come with hydraulically powered main lift and top fold functions. Electric and dual power are available with this model as options. The heavy-duty mobile stacker weighs nearly 10 tonnes and has a transport height of 4m, transport length of 17.5m and transport width of 3m.

Models in the McCloskey ST line are also available as radio-controlled track-mounted units.

With production capacity of 500 tonnes per hour, the McCloskey model ST80 can stack processed material to a height in excess of 10m, with a radial stockpile volume of 10,900m3.

The stacker has a setback axle and a 22.5-degree maximum conveyor angle, allowing for the highest stockpile-per-conveyor-length output in the industry. Just ask Dehghani; he’ll be pleased to tell you. The McCloskey range of stackers is available in Australia through the MSC Group. 


Source: McCloskey International

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