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Customers get hands on with ?intelligent? dozer

The first model in the new Komatsu range, the D61EXi/PXi-23, debuted at a “Boots On” event held in late November at the Hunter Plant Operating Training School in Cessnock, New South Wales.

The dozer incorporated a fully automatic blade control system with a highly durable and accurate off-blade sensor package, which Komatsu Australia’s general manager of construction, David Small, said was representative of the “next generation” in machine control. 

“Komatsu’s intelligent dozer is the first to have completely integrated machine control using this innovative new technology – which includes integrated blade stroke sensing cylinders,” he explained.

In addition to being able to carry out the more common dozer action of automated finish grading, Small said the new dozer could make all passes using automatic blade control – from rough dozing to finish grading, forward and in reverse. He added that the new dozer’s technological innovations offered efficiency improvements, greater value and simplicity of operation.{{image2-A:R-w:300}}

“The ease with which our intelligent dozers transition from bulk dozing to finish grading when automatic blade control is engaged is so seamless that both experienced and inexperienced operators will gain significant benefits in productivity, dozing accuracy and job completion – adding up to a lower cost of operating.”

New, groundbreaking technology
Depending on its configuration, the new dozer has a weight range of around 18 to 19 tonnes. It is available in conventional (EX) and low ground pressure (PX) variants, is powered by the 125kW-rated Komatsu SAA6D107-2 engine, and also integrates Komatsu’s KOMTRAX remote monitoring system with Topcon’s construction management solutions, providing access to real-time online machine data for easy fleet management.

“[The D61EXi/PXi-23] is scalable to other Komatsu machines. This is groundbreaking technology for dozer operators, contractors and clients,” Small said. “All the added intelligence features on these new machines, in addition to their innovation and integration, really drives up the value proposition of Komatsu’s intelligent dozer range, both for existing and new machine control users.”

Like previous Boots On events, the day was designed to introduce Komatsu’s latest technology to both existing and potential customers from across Australia, and in addition to the dozer, the supplier introduced two new compact wheel loader models – the WA70-7 and the WA100M-7.

A wide range of Komatsu’s other plant and equipment was also showcased during the event, including the recently launched HM400-3M0 articulated dump truck, and customers were allowed to operate and test out both new and established models to experience their features first hand.

When asked how attendees had responded to the Boots On event, Small said they had been excited by the new technology and appreciative of the chance to “try out a full range of Komatsu equipment in actual operating conditions”.

“From our [Komatsu’s] point of view, the concept works very well for us, letting us talk directly to our customers about our latest innovations, and giving them an opportunity to provide us with feedback on the sorts of products and services they are looking for from Komatsu,” Small added.

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