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New code to improve construction productivity

The Victorian Government has released a new code of practice for the building and construction industry that came into effect as of last Wednesday, 8 October.

“The new Victorian Code sets out the requirements and obligations for companies tendering for Victorian Government construction projects in a consolidated and more streamlined manner,” the Victorian Minister for Finance Robert Clark stated.

He explained that all workplace conduct, agreements, arrangements, practices and procedures engaged in or entered into from 8 October would need to demonstrate compliance with the new code, which is being monitored by the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance’s Construction Code Compliance Unit.

In addition to this, contractors would be required to demonstrate past compliance with the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and obliged to immediately report any requests or demands by unions in relation to secondary boycotts.

Boral CEO and managing director Mike Kane has welcomed the new code, praising the Victorian Government’s “crackdown” on secondary boycotts, collusive tendering and anti-competitive behaviour, and labelling the move an “important step in improving efficiency and productivity in the delivery of major public sector projects to the state”.

“This Code of Practice goes to the heart of the corrupt and illegal practices which have been directed at Boral in Melbourne for some time now,” Kane said in a Boral press release. “This should lead to an immediate change in behaviour by both unions and some companies involved in the building and construction sector.”

Kane previously voiced his concerns on the impact that “monopolist unions” were having on the productivity of the construction and quarrying industries at the Construction Materials Industry Conference (CMIC14) held in September this year.

The Victorian Code of Practice for the Building and Construction Industry 2014 can be accessed at

Kane’s full comments can also be viewed at

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