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How shelters can reduce costs in quarry operations

Cost-effectiveness and accelerated production pressures have persistently driven mining efforts for several years. The Australian quarry industry is highly competitive with the drill and blast operations as its cornerstone. In a typical quarrying undertaking, this vital component can account for approximately 15 per cent of total quarrying costs. Therefore, improving any drill and blast practices can improve the bottom line and provide the operator with a competitive edge.


Understanding the challenges faced by the industry in its quest to curb operations overhead, Allshelter, a leader in innovative weather protection systems, responded with the launch of the next wave in Container Shelters. Available in kit form, these multi-purpose super-size models, with heights to 14 metres and widths to 30 metres (excluding container size) are easy to assemble, dismantle and relocate. Eliminating the eroding cost of permanent construction to store explosives, protect valuable mobile assets and perform preventative and predictive maintenance, these flexible and environmentally friendly structures provide a dynamic cost-efficiency scenario.

Allshelter was Australia?s first manufacturer of container shelters and has since become one of the most sought after alternative covering systems in the resources industry. Listening to its customers? needs for larger configurations and taking into account their recommendations, Allshelter is now offering additional quality options as part of the standard range. ?It was a logical step, expanding our range and size offerings will support our customers,? Allshelter director Roger Reddel said. ?In applications where heights and width really do matter, it is vital for the optimal solution to be selected from 

a standard range rather than building a custom size. This will significantly reduce design and implementation time, effort and purchase price.?

The curved shelter system, made from a modular steel framework covered by a water-proof membrane, attaches simply and easily to the containers, providing a combination of secure storage together with an undercover area. The shelters are specially developed, providing intelligent solutions (sizes do not include the container). They include:

  • The CASA wide range (widths 6m to 20m, heights 1m to 5m) – A short silhouette, suitable for applications such as workshops, cool meeting area, parking machinery, or general storage of drilling equipment and explosives storage.
  • CALS extra wide range (widths 20m to 30m, heights 4m to 8m) ? A voluminous size, suitable for applications such as maintenance on large vehicles or tunnel boring machines (TBMs), helicopter hangars or satellite workshops.
  • CATA tall range (widths 5m to 17m, heights 2m to 7m) ? A tall outline, suitable for applications such as high storage of large equipment and bulk goods, plant and equipment maintenance.
  • CALT extra tall range (widths 18m to 30m, heights 9m to 14m) – Unbeatable heights, suitable for applications such as drilling rigs, large truck repairs, equipment builds, or machinery dismantling.

For short term or long term requirements, the Allshelter weather protection systems minimise downtime due to rain or other elements and maximise employee efficiency due to ventilated conditions out of the sun. The high strength, semi-translucent, woven polyethylene fabric provides ultra violet protection, natural light and a cooler environment.


Finding efficiencies in all areas is paramount to the industry such as using innovative drill and blast technology, explosives storage, fuel reduction and transport economy. Furthermore, an effective equipment utilisation program together with a strong repair and maintenance regime on vehicles is a significant way of driving down costs. Container Shelters provide the working space on high capital cost equipment such as TBMs and loaders as well as secure storage for stocks. Moreover, the Allshelters offer protection 

from extreme weather conditions which can erode the resources of the operation. 

Allshelter weather protection systems weigh less than 50 per cent of a conventional structure and are easy to take down and transport in case of relocation, thus providing additional cost savings. 

This flexibility is an important feature in an industry that is committed to conducting its operations in an environmentally responsible manner.

With its manufacturing plant based in regional Australia, Allshelter works with registered structural engineers and fabric experts to fabricate strong and durable designs, engineered to suit the site where they are deployed. An Allshelter solution can be provided to site in as little as two weeks. This is especially important when time equates to money and delays or hold ups can seriously add downstream cost to the project. 

All structures are site-specific, wind-rated and engineered to withstand over 300km/h winds with the cover left on. Furthermore, Allshelter was the first Australian container shelter manufacturer with a triple certification, including International Standard ISO9001 and the first to offer warranty on the frame and cover of its wind-rated shelters. 

Reddel stated that Allshelter is committed to quality and best in class performance in customer service. ?Continuous improvement and the need for new applications will keep us releasing more products and new empowering solutions that companies/contractors can embrace to minimise the impacts of shifting dynamics in the quarry industry as a whole and keep our customers coming back,? Reddel said.

Established in 1999, with a manufacturing plant based in Australia, Allshelter consistently provides high quality engineered structures and weather protection systems to cover the widest imaginable range of assets with a primary focus in the mining, oil and gas, industrial and construction industries. Allshelter also supplies shelter systems to Brazil, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Indonesia.

Source: Allshelter Weather Protection Systems

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