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Pugmills with cred reach our shores

A pugmill is a twin shaft-mixing device. KPI?s pugmill consists of timed, dual logs with paddle tips arranged in a 45-degree spiral around each log. The timing of the logs allows for the paddle tips to overlap, thus providing an aggressive action in the mixing chamber to obtain the homogeneous mix desired.
Spiralling the paddles around the log keeps paddles in the material at all times, aiding in the mixing action. 
The paddle tips are adjustable to accommodate varying sizes of feed material, adjusting between three-quarter inches (19mm) and two inches (51mm) of clearance between the paddle tip and chamber wall. Based on these clearances, the maximum particle size to the pugmill is two inches. The paddle tips can be rotated 90 degrees to increase retention time in the mixing chamber. The cast ni-hard paddle tips are also reversible, resulting in lower wear costs.
KPI-JCI pugmill plants provide the portability required, due to their chassis-mounted configuration, featuring the aggressive mixing action of the KPI pugmill. The continuous mix pugmill includes two counter-rotating shafts with paddles, along with timing gears that provide optimum speed to obtain the quality mix desired. Controlled blending and automatic proportioning ensures your end product is the consistency you require. Coupled with the optional feed systems, the KPI-JCI pugmill plant provides consummate ease of operation.
Astec believes one of the main benefits of the KPI-JCI pugmill to the quarry industry is the versatility of the applications it can produce. These include cement treated base, roller compacted concrete, cold-mix asphalt and stabilisation.
The other major features of the pugmill include:
  • A drop-out bottom that opens the entire unit for simplified cleanout and service access and maintenance.
  • An adjustable dam gate provided at the discharge end of the pugmill. In the fully raised position, the material bed depth in the pugmill chamber increases, ensuring enough material in the mixing zone.
  • Timed gears and an interlocking spiral paddle arrangement. Using timed gears with one motor to drive both shafts enables KPI to utilise an interlocking spiral paddle arrangement. This arrangement creates a much more aggressive mixing action than competitors that use two motors (one for each shaft).
  • Blending automation features.
Automatic Proportioning Capabilities
Once your mix recipe is dialled in, the PLC automation system will maintain the correct proportion of the different ingredients as the operator increases or decreases the overall blending rate.
Accessible and easy to use touch screen controls
The machine has real-time monitors of 
on-plant motor loads, blending rate and feed rates of each material, and can store up to five different project specific mix recipes.
Report File Generation
Export report .CSV files via memory stick can be opened in Microsoft Excel. Production 
and ingredient amounts are available by the job or day, as are time-stamped reports of batch size and ingredient amounts while in batch mode.
In addition to supplying the plant, Astec Australia can also provide reliable ?after-sale? support from parts to repair. ?
Source: Astec Australia

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