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Good partnerships secret to success

Over the past 15 years Killard Excavations, which works primarily on new water, recycled water and sewer mains projects, has grown from a single excavator operation to a major company operating across New South Wales and Queensland. 
The fleet management model developed in partnership with JCB CEA was designed to help Killard control costs and manage resources as the company continues to grow.
?As the company expanded, we were hiring additional machines to meet demand and at the same time updating old plant to new specifications,? managing director Jerry Daly said. ?In addition, the operations team was spread thin organising repairs and support across multiple brands.
?We needed a more effective, efficient and streamlined approach to operations. JCB CEA worked with us on a bespoke solution that provided new machinery financing and consolidated parts, service and maintenance for both existing and new plant.
?The result is not just exceptional machinery but also savings in the order of 40 per cent on maintenance and operational costs through working with JCB CEA as our supplier.?
Daly said the new fleet model, which comprises excavators up to 36 tonnes, ensures Killard can provide the safety features and highly productive equipment its high profile customers demand.
?JCB is wrapped up in safety and safety is an important aspect of Killard?s DNA as well,? Daly added. ?Our clients expect absolute compliance with contractual safety requirements.?
The fully automatic hitch system incorporates a unique hitch release zone for optimum site safety. Daly said this was especially important in Killard?s line of work, where workers are in close proximity to the machine.
?Fuel economy and productivity are also really important in our environment,? Daly added. ?We?re getting all of that with JCB, and we?re looking after our operator comfort.
?They have all the luxuries in the new machines. Consistently working on days up to and over 37 degrees in Queensland, the excavator used to be the hottest place on site, now it?s the coolest!? 
To ensure optimum machine productivity, JCB excavator systems are designed and tested to operate in temperatures up to 50?C.
Daly said upgrading the fleet represented better overall value than trying to retrofit machines to current standards. 
?Older machines need to be retrofitted for features like ROPS, FOPS, auto-hitch and anti-burst valves,? he said. ?That could easily cost $30,000 and at the end of it you still have an older machine. The cost of retrofitting also comes out of cash flow, while you can finance new machines, so upgrading makes a lot of sense. JCB has been able to meet every need we?ve raised and its service has 
been excellent.?
JCB CEA NSW state manager Phil Withell said the key to the successful partnership with Killard was understanding what the company does and identifying its key objectives.
?JCB CEA took the time to understand Killard Excavations and present them with a model that would save them money and give them the freedom to continue to grow their business and the tools to do it,? Withell said.
?In addition to an effective financing arrangement, the partnership with JCB CEA has delivered an efficient means for fleet maintenance, as Jerry now has one point of contact for all his needs.?
According to Daly, the arrangement is working well so far.
?Partnering with JCB CEA has been very positive, there is no doubt about it,? he said. ?We now have one reliable, professional point of contact and they really know their products. They provide a standard fixed cost for machinery, parts are readily available and their guys are quick on-site to perform repairs or services. This all significantly reduces resource costs and machine downtime, in turn resulting in significant savings.? ?
Source: JCB Construction Equipment Australia 

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