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Sand producer takes a prudent approach to expansion

He contacted experts in the field, developed a plan to test the theory of operation and mapped out the implementation of the upgrade. The plan was to test, test and retest to confirm that the sand his customers required could be produced.
The producer contacted TRIO Engineering, which with its local dealer in Australia, Index EMS, worked closely to develop a solution.
The collaboration resulted in a proposal for a TRIO full turnkey plant, incorporating the TSW4432 fine material washer, to be installed for a specific sand specification and tonnage rate.
The TSW4432 fine material washer offers adjustable screw speed, controllable weir overflow rate and rising current. It can also be adjusted further, so the producer can make other grades of sand if needed in the future.
TRIO and Index EMS provided experience and support the producer could rely on for application and engineering knowledge to collaboratively develop a solution.
The fine material washer?s performance and the unwavering local service support convinced the producer that, with the solution and production achieved, he could take a further step and expand the sand plant to a much larger scale.
The producer issued a full turnkey request for a quote for a 500 to 750 tonne per hour processing plant. TRIO supplied the plant layout drawings to provide complete and detailed information on the contents and performance. Index EMS, an excellent, full service distributor, provided the electrical, concrete foundations, retaining wall and the water pumping solutions.
In mid-February 2012, manufacturing began on the TRIO TF 6424 stepped deck vibrating grizzly feeder, TC36 short head cone crusher, TTH6202 scalping screen, TTH6203 horizontal wet screen, two twin TTSW6636 sand screws, two 24m3 surge bins with variable speed feeders, two radial stackers, all in plant conveyors, all equipment modular support structures and a 120-tonne dump truck hopper.
The modular, feeding, crushing and screening stations were assembled complete with drives and guarding and were tested to ensure proper fit and operation at TRIO?s manufacturing facility. They were then disassembled, painted, match marked and packed in ocean containers for easy transport. This attention to detail enabled Index EMS to complete the local installation efficiently. 
This TRIO sand solutions plant was commissioned in mid-November 2012 and is continuing to deliver the spec products sought by the local market. TRIO modular plants are designed with heavy duty modules that bolt together easily.
These bolt together modules enable adjusting structure elevations, tailoring access points and maintenance platforms, providing feed and discharge options and incorporating smart, user-friendly features into the plant design.
Modular support structures are the most economical way to build a stationary plant today, or to add onto an existing facility. 
Source: TRIO Engineering Inc

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