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Is this the world?s largest monster truck?

It has two 16-cylinder, four-cycle MTU diesel engines to
produce a maximum speed of 64km/h.

Fully laden, on a 10 per cent gradient, it can travel at 40km/h
and when carrying less than capacity loads, it runs on just one engine.

{{image2-a:r-w:200}}The 450 uses an AC electric drive Siemens MMT500
electromechanical transmission, with two traction alternators, four traction
electric motors and motor-wheel reduction gears, auxiliary electric machines,
adjustment and control devices.

The 450 has two turntable axles to provide a turning radius
of just under 20m.

If that?s too big for your quarry then Belaz has smaller dump trucks to suit
the smaller players. These include the 7540 (30 tonnes), the 7547 (45 tonnes),
the 7555 (55 tonnes) and the 7557 (90 tonnes).

Source: Belaz

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