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Lobby group wants SA road study released

The Commonwealth-funded study was undertaken as part of planning the North-South transport corridor linking the Port River Expressway and the Southern Expressway and was started in 2010. 
?The study is close to finished or maybe it?s finished,? deputy chairman of CAR Mike Canny told Quarry. ?We don?t know. The whole thing is overdue.?
A total of $70 million was put aside for the study, Canny said, but it is not known how much of that has been spent.
CAR committee chairman Barrie Hosking said that with a state election coming up, it was important that the South Australian community knew exactly where the two parties stood in terms of completing the North-South (NS) Corridor project.
State delay
?Making the study findings available would assist the public debate,? said CAR chairman Barry Hosking. ?[The] unedifying spat between the Transport and Infrastructure Minister Koutsantonis and the state opposition over the cost of the planned South Road underpasses at Darlington has highlighted the need for the government to release this study and other costings associated with the NS project, including the Darlington project. The NS corridor project is critical to South Australia?s future and should not be the subject of this kind of politicking.? 
He added that the Commonwealth understood and supported the concept of planning the whole route upfront. ?This money was made available in 2010 and yet the study still has not seen light of day. It is very frustrating,? he said. ?Some work was done on the Darlington interchange but not released publicly and the State Government?s intentions are unclear.
 ?Since its inception, we have seen piecemeal announcements about sections of the corridor, ultimately the whole road needs to be built. We are looking for a commitment to finalise the route and costings, and for the project to be completed over a 10 year period.?
CAR was established with the objective of providing input to government policy and to promote public debate on road transport infrastructure and economic development.  
The Committee represents the broad community of interests within the road sector, including road transport operators, construction contractors and unions. 
 Source: Committee for Adelaide Roads

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