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Portable dredge contributes to irrigation scheme

The Gila River is a very important source of irrigation water for the area and for the Gila River Indian Community. It carries sediment that can cause blockage and separation.

The irrigation project includes delivery canals that carry fresh water from the Gila River and central Arizona to agricultural lands in the San Carlos Irrigation and Drainage District (SCIDD) and Gila River Indian Community.

Removing the sediment from the settling basins is critical to the program?s success.

To address the sediment problem, the river water is redirected through the 548m (1800?) long, 30m (100?) wide Florence-Casa Grande Canal where the sediment is trapped in a 4.5m (15?) deep settling basin and removed by the dredge. The sediment-free water then spills over the end of the basin and is channelled back into the river. SCIDD purchased a Barracuda class dredge from manufacturer DSC Dredge to free up the sediment.

?The Barracuda class electric dredge is a crucial piece of the San Carlos Irrigation Project and is far better for the local environment than diesel power,? said Charlie Johnson, DSC Dredge?s sales director.

The dredge?s standard features include a 12? suction tube, a user-friendly control panel with a PLC-based operating system, a power-up/down spud system with American Petroleum Institute-rated winch drums for proper cable storage and a rear-kicking spud for dredge positioning and advancement. Optional spud travelling carriages or two stern-kicker spuds are available upon request.

In addition, the Barracuda class dredge is highly transportable and offers the option of two front-swing winches. The dredge easily converts from a swinging ladder design featuring side to side ladder movement to a conventional dredge, without losing any of its portability. It is available in either diesel or electric power and offers discharge sizes ranging from 250mm to 450mm (10? to 18?).

DSC Dredge can customise each model to fit customers? exact applications and requirements. Customisations include larger or smaller dredge sizes, extended digging depths, production instrumentation and GPS dredging systems.

The company also provides intensive and professional on-site commissioning and operational training as well as automation skills, experienced service capabilities and parts availability. ?

Source: DSC Dredge

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