Green concrete win for Wagners

Wagners director Joe Wagner said it was an honour to receive recognition for the cement-free concrete that took eight years to perfect. The product was developed at Wagners? Toowoomba laboratory.
The awards, with a total of $70,000 in prize money, are run by The Australian newspaper in association with Shell and with the support of federal statutory body Innovation Australia.
Wagner said he was extremely proud of the team who beat a field of five finalists from around the country to take home the award. 
The geopolymer concrete is a low carbon alternative to conventional concrete, with the product containing zero Portland cement, resulting in a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
As simple as EFC
The product, marketed as “earth-friendly concrete” (EFC), is based on a cement-like material made using slag and fly ash that replaces Portland cement as a binder in concrete. Wagner says the concrete costs about as much as that made with Portland cement.
The EFC was an extremely important innovation created to reduce the carbon emissions in the construction industry and provide the next generation with a superior structural performing concrete. Wagner said the EFC innovation evolved when his company started experimenting with geopolymer concretes and composite fibre building products.
“We have since taken the lead on further developing geopolymer concretes and we need to continue to research and develop new building products for our customers so they can continue to be leaders in their field,? said Wagner.
Wagners is currently engaged in the construction of infrastructure for Toowoomba’s Wellcamp Airport, to be completed by April 2014. Not only will Wellcamp be the first public, privately built Australian airport in almost 50 years, it will also be the only airport in the world to feature the Wagner family company?s award-winning ?green? concrete. 
?With Wellcamp Airport set to open towards the end of next year, Wagners’ EFC product will feature in the taxiways, apron and terminal,? Joe Wagner added.
Sources: The Chronicle, The Australian

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