Enhanced suction with heavy duty slurry pump

Introduced to Australia and the South Pacific by distributor Australian Pump Industries, the new KTV is a cast iron, heavy duty slurry pump with an integrated agitator. The agitator stirs the solids-laded liquid so suction is smooth and efficient.

The pump also offers a side flow, top discharge design that enables the liquid to go from the pump chamber directly through a channel in the body housing to the discharge port. This allows for installation in confined spaces.

That constant flow of liquid keeps the motor cool, extending life and enabling it to continue to operate even in shallow water. Tsurumi engineers claim the KTV can continuously operate in depths as shallow as 140mm, or a little over 5?. The semi-vortex pump design minimises start-up failure from blocked impellers.

?There are two models in the series, powered by 2kW and 3kW three-phase 415V motors,? Aussie Pumps? Craig Bridgement said. ?Both are suitable for direct on-line starting, making them easy to install and operate in the field.?

The main impeller is a semi-open style design that passes slurries with ease. Double silicon carbide mechanical seals, where both seal surfaces are oil-immersed, away from the pumped liquid, are a standard Tsurumi feature. Ball bearings are double shielded and both the impeller and agitator are high chrome, cast iron for maximum wear resistance.

The cable is fitted with a unique anti-wicking gland that will block the ingress of water to the motor in the event the power cable is submerged or ?wetted?. ?Cable damage is a major cause of premature failure,? said Bridgement. ?The anti-wicking gland has saved thousands of motors from burn out.?

A circle thermal protector (CTP) is fitted as standard. The CTP protects from both excess heat and amp draw, shutting down the system before serious damage can occur. The shaft is 420 grade stainless steel. An 8m heavy duty chloroprene rubber cable is supplied as standard.

These heavy duty pumps are inexpensive and come with a unique three year warranty.

?The KTV series has proved itself in batch plants and quarries in southeast Asia and Japan,? Bridgement said. ?Now it?s ready for Australia?s slurry applications.? ?

Source: Australian Pump Industries

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