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R&D sped up by 3D technology

The results of increased accessibility to new technologies and equipment like 3D printing increase the speed and success of research and development efforts.
Modern CAD software remains the staple in every R&D department with the ability for the 3D printer to produce a design prototype in hours. This is a quantum leap forward for the manufacturing industry. The days of sending off designs to be handmade at huge cost and effort are in the past. 
Using a 3D printer you can produce a prototype, make design tweaks and produce another prototype until a final product is ready for production.
?Often there is a need to actually touch and feel a part to gauge its suitability and prove its performance prior to committing to production,? Doherty Couplers and Attachments technical director Paul Doherty explained. 
?The 3D printer enables us to rapidly produce prototype parts without incurring the cost of expensive, one-off fabrications.?
Additive manufacturing
Also known as additive manufacturing, the latest 3D printers are able to produce actual components for end use, making this a very cost-effective way for small companies to manufacture low volume, custom-designed components.
Doherty?s investment into a 3D printer is providing the business with a fast and cost-effective means to find opportunities for improvement in their existing products as well as explore new ideas.
?We have a constant focus on product development. In the short term the 3D printer will help us to improve our ability to ensure design enhancements are fit for purpose and will work in the real world.” Doherty said.
?Our next challenge is to refine the design of our coupler to make it more cost-efficient to manufacture. This will likely require key components to be cast and the 3D printer is ideal for initial casting pattern development.?
Doherty Couplers is one of the few manufacturers globally to offer quick couplers that fully comply with Australian Standard AS4772-208, other international standards and all major contractor policies. Doherty has offices in Melbourne and Sydney.
Sources: Doherty Couplers & Attachments

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