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Improving your quarry operations from the inside out

The secret to the success of any quarry is its people and well designed training can arm your workforce with the knowledge to build, run and improve your quarry asset.

These new training modules were written by Steve Mellor and Mike Cooper, with input from Michael van Koeverden and Wayne James, and focus on up to date equipment, processes and design concepts that will give your quarry the edge.

Whether hard rock, gravel or sand, all quarry operations benefit from targeted training of their people. These training modules were written by quarry professionals dedicated to uncovering the mystery behind how machines such as crushers, feeders, screens and conveyors work and are maintained to achieve the best in quarry performance over extended production periods.

How do you make consistent quarry products from your plant and equipment? It all starts with understanding what your plant can and cannot do. What do your people know about running the plant and the support you receive from equipment suppliers and support professionals?

How can you identify issues with your plant? Take a look at your quarry plant and it will tell you a story. There are many tell-tale signs of plant bottlenecks, poor design or inherited equipment that is either the wrong size, type or in the wrong location within your plant. If you have not addressed these issues you may be fighting against your plant to achieve the product you want and find wear rates are extremely high and production rates fluctuate up and down with plant breakdowns, blockages and spillages.

To be in tune with your quarry plant, you need to understand it completely. That means understanding what makes it tick and how to get it humming with success.

Quality training is always a sound investment because decisions made every day by your staff affect the products you are producing and the price to make those products and keep you online and in business into the future. Quarry training is the solution to improving your quarry operation.

Later this month, the IQA is running four half-day PDP courses on crushing and crushers, feeders and screens, conveyors and plant design and configuration.

The courses are being facilitated by Wayne James and will be run in Brisbane on 17 and 18 April. The same workshops will then be repeated in Townsville on 18 and 19 June. For more information or to register for one or all of these workshops, visit the IQA website

Michael van Koeverden is a director of Quarry Mining Systems Pty Ltd, a specialist group of quarry professionals dedicated to the optimisation of quarry assets. For further information, visit www.quarryminingsystems.com.au

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