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Why every drop of lubricant lasts

In Australia, a market where caring for the environment and conserving energy are of paramount importance, Volvo CE has introduced a new generation of lubricants to increase service intervals and machine uptime, while controlling emissions and conserving energy.

These new generation lubricants double the service intervals of previous Volvo lubricants when used in certain models and product lines. In Volvo?s E- and F-series articulated haulers, for instance, the time between gear oil and transaxle oil changes increases from 2000 to 4000 hours.

?Being able to provide lubricants that considerably lengthen oil change intervals is part and parcel of our commitment to customers to ensure their machines are operating at peak performance and experiencing as little downtime as possible,? said Steve Salman, the national customer support manager at CJD Equipment, Volvo CE?s official dealer, which operates in 17 locations and employs 500 staff – including Volvo-trained technicians – across Australia.

*The type of oil and service interval may vary from one model to another. Check with your CJD branch or dealer for full details.

Only Volvo lubricants are designed specifically for Volvo machines, in co-operation with Volvo engineers. They are also the only oils on the market that have been extensively tested on Volvo machines in the toughest conditions ? in tropical heat and freezing cold, at high altitudes, and during around the clock operation.

?With alternative oils, you won?t notice the degradation of components until it?s too late,? Salman explained. ?With high quality Volvo oils, which are specifically formulated to suit Volvo equipment, you can be sure the machine will be maintained not just in the short term but for years to come.?

The full line of new generation Volvo lubricants was enthusiastically received at its Oceania debut at the Australian Construction Equipment Expo in Melbourne in February. ?The new lubricants generated quite a lot of interest from customers, many of whom expressed a desire for longer oil drain intervals, and therefore lower operating costs,? Salman said. ?We?re spreading the word that you can?t extend service intervals with any other equivalent oil on the market.?

Volvo?s range of lubricants – including engine, hydraulic, axle and transmission oils – are designed for use in all of its machines, including road equipment. These lubricants use a high grade, Group 3 base oil that provides a higher viscosity index for optimum performance in the harshest of conditions. Volvo oils also have better oxidation stability than mineral grade base oils, preventing the build-up of impurities.

The additive package in Volvo lubricants is tailored to better handle soot, reduce foaming, increase water separation, and keep engines and hydraulic systems clean and free of contaminants ? and a cleaner engine means less wear and tear and better protection. Volvo hydraulic oils for axles and transmissions also reduce frictional losses, promoting better fuel economy (see Table 1).

Source: Volvo Construction Equipment/CJD Equipment

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