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Remote monitoring system positions demolition company for business growth

In the past year, business has grown by 60 per cent for Queensland demolition and recycling business Envirosite. The company has doubled its staff and expanded its fleet, adding four new Hyundai machines to cope with demand.
Envirosite?s latest acquisition, an R235LCR-9 23.5-tonne excavator, with its standard Hyundai Hi-Mate remote monitoring system, positions the company for further growth with its daily reporting capabilities on engine hours, fuel consumption and machinery travel hours.

Envirosite director Myron Lichtnauer said the business boom was driven by a strong infrastructure sector and a return in market confidence.

?We specialise in demolition, recycling and asbestos removal and have found a lot of our new business requires us to work in small spaces, which is not surprising given the market trend of going up rather than out as the population in urban centres expands,? Lichtnauer explained.

?We were hiring a range of excavators capable of working in tight spaces simply to keep up with demand prior to expanding our fleet. When it came time to purchase, we decided to look around, despite being historically loyal to another manufacturer. We found that while there are a lot of zero tail swing machines on the market, none matched the Hyundai in terms of stability.

?Coupled with this, we found the support from our Hyundai dealer to be exceptional. In fact, prior to dealing with Hyundai, we did all of our equipment maintenance in-house but based on the level of service we?ve experienced, we?ve now outsourced this to our dealer.?

According to Lichtnauer, the dealership has become an important back-up for the Hi-Mate system. ?Hi-Mate alerts me to replacement times for commonly wearing parts and tracks routine maintenance time frames, alerting me via an SMS or email,? Lichtnauer said.

?This enables increased productivity, as I can factor in downtime well in advance. Our Hyundai dealer can also log into the system, so I have a back-up should I get too busy to book a service or order a part and we?ve found the turnaround times in parts and servicing well exceed our expectations.

?I also use Hi-Mate to track data on machinery work hours and location, information I can then use to provide 100 per cent accurate progress reports to clients. Prior to Hi-Mate, we had to rely on the operators to remember to manually log start and stop times. Providing accurate reports to our clients adds to our service offering, which leads to new business recommendations.

?The system?s capabilities extend to measuring trends on fuel consumption and I can factor that information in at the tendering stage to ensure our operating costs are covered. Given that I?m managing three to four different sites at once, there?s no way I could have instant access to this data without Hi-Mate, which really simplified the logistics of remote equipment management.?

Along with the new R235LCR-9 excavator, Envirosite added a Hyundai HSL650-7A skid steer loader and a Hyundai R27Z-9 mini-excavator to its fleet four months ago.

?We chose the HSL650-7A skid steer based on its ease of operation,? Lichtnauer said.

?It?s particularly useful for site clean-ups on large jobs because it can do the work of a manual labourer in much less time.

?The R27Z-9 was chosen for its versatility. It?s not only powerful but has the capability to get into some tight spaces. We recently had it stripping out a four-storey building and had no problems with site access. To add to the versatility, we have a wide range of attachments including rock breakers, augers and core hole drillers.

?The move has freed up internal resources for our business development plans, which include opening a waste transfer recycling station. The station will recycle everything from plastic to concrete, steel and timber, which means once we?ve demolished the building we can recycle the materials ourselves.

?This will allow us to increase our competitiveness when tendering for new projects, as we don?t need to outsource waste removal. Once the transfer station is operational, we will need to expand our fleet further to move materials and manage waste.

?When the time comes we?ll certainly look at Hyundai, given our satisfaction with the current equipment in our fleet.? ?

Source: Hyundai Construction Equipment Australia

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