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Delta force deployed to former hospital site

Delta Group began trading as Delta Demolitions in 1984. Initially operating out of Melbourne, expansion led the company to open offices in New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia and Queensland. It now specialises across a number of industry divisions encompassing civil construction, demolition, recycling and equipment hire.
From being an industry leader in delicate demolition projects, the company has broadened its scope to incorporate Delta Rent, CMA Contracting (recycling), Delta Recycling, Whelan the Wrecker (demolition/excavation) and Streetscapes (civil construction) to deliver comprehensive solutions.
Not only has the Delta Group been involved in projects within the domestic market but its capabilities have also stretched abroad to regions such as Papua New Guinea and oil rigs located in the East Timor Sea.
{{image3-a:R-w:200}}Continual investment in Delta?s workforce and equipment has supported the company?s ability to lead the industry. A joint venture with Boral Recycling in Victoria to reduce landfill and recycle concrete wastage has further cemented Delta?s position in the market to provide innovative recycling and waste management.
A specialised fleet of Hitachi machines is commanding a prominent position on the Delta force.
?Our fleet of Hitachi excavators account for 60 per cent of the Delta Group?s total fleet,? said Dominic Santullo, Delta Group?s general manager for recycling, purchasing, transport and logistics.
With a line-up of Hitachi excavators of up to 160 tonnes, the fleet?s latest additions include one ZX670LCH-3, four ZX470H-3s and four ZX350LCH-3s, all of which are operational across Delta projects.
A number of Hitachi excavators have been deployed to the former site of Melbourne?s Royal Dental Hospital in Parkville, where the construction of a $1 billion facility is in progress as part of the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) project.
This site will be home to the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and will also feature new cancer research and clinical services for Melbourne Health and the University of Melbourne.
{{image2-a:L-w:200}}The project aims to accelerate the discovery of new cancer treatments and drive the next generation of cancer research, education, treatment and care in association with leading cancer specialists.
According to Santullo, reliability, performance and support were contributing factors for Delta in the decision to continue purchasing Hitachi excavators. ?Our fitters from the workshop and field service division always comment on the ease of servicing the Hitachi equipment,? he said.
With Delta facing tight schedules and requiring productive machinery, power, comfort and fuel efficiency are crucial features of the Hitachi excavator fleet. ?These machines assist us in achieving high production levels as well as reliability on-site,? Santullo said.
Hitachi excavators are being used by Delta for demolition applications, civil construction and landscaping, bulk earthworks, contract crushing and recycling, as well as for heavy equipment rental.
?Overall, the performance of the machines is very good,? Santullo said.
{{image4-a:R-w:200}}?Whenever we experience issues with our Hitachi machines, the support staff around the country are fantastic and work very hard to have us up and running again.?
Santullo said product support, streamlined delivery of spare parts and machine reliability was the key to supporting Delta?s continued growth and fleet requirements.
?Our relationship with Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia has been longstanding and, over the years, continues to grow stronger as we work together in supporting our business needs in Australia and across all our divisions,? he said.
?Delta is known for its large Hitachi fleet and we are very proud to support this product. Delta would like to thank all the Hitachi employees and the support we receive across the states and look forward in continuing this relationship for many years 
to come.? ?
Source: Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia

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