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Open day gives community sneak peak of hybrid excavator

Apart from being presented with a unique opportunity to gain insight into the Platypus Remediation Project being undertaken by Thiess, community members in December 2012 were able to view a Hitachi SR2000G track mounted soil recycler and the new Hitachi ZH210LC hybrid excavator. Both machines have been recruited by Thiess to undertake key excavation and stabilisation works as part of the remediation process.

{{image2-a:r-w:250}}Thiess Services is a leading remediation specialist with extensive experience and expertise. For over 20 years, the company has built an impressive portfolio of major remediation projects throughout Australasia. Thiess continues to deliver future-focused solutions to industry, specifically projects that are technically complex and require state of the art remediation practices.

From the 1870s until the mid-1930s, the historic Platypus site was predominantly used as a gasworks facility before it became a defence base for Australia?s submarines. Remediation works will be undertaken by Thiess, requiring the excavation and stabilisation of approximately 30,000 tonnes of gasworks contaminated fill and bedrock material.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia (HCA) will play an integral role in the Platypus Remediation Project. The Hitachi SR2000G track-mounted soil recycler will be utilised in the treatment of contaminated material within the odour control enclosure. An emission control system will support this process by preventing emissions of dust, odour and contaminants being released into the environment.

Thiess Services project manager James Cole said specialised technology such as the SR2000G would play a crucial role in meeting the strict environmental requirements for the remediation project.

?The machine will be used to stabilise soils and tar during the project. It was selected due to its superior ability to consistently blend the additives into the feed material at the preselected rate,? he said.

{{image3-a:r-w:250}}The Hitachi ZH210LC hybrid excavator, the first hybrid unit introduced into Australia by HCA, complements the vision shared by Thiess and the Harbour Trust to be as environmentally conscious as possible. With fuel savings of around 20 per cent over the standard ZX200-3 model and lower diesel emissions, the new hybrid excavator is ideally suited for work on the Platypus site.

According to Cole, the Hitachi hybrid proved the obvious choice when considering the environmental aspects of the Platypus project.

?We chose the hybrid excavator for its reduction in CO2 which is extremely important when you are working within an enclosure.

It will be used to load the SR2000G track-mounted soil recycler, and the reduction in CO2 will create a safer environment for our workers as well as minimising the load on our emission control system,? he said.

HCA is committed to manufacturing environmentally sustainable technology and delivering future-focused products to its customers. The introduction of the new hybrid excavator in May 2013 is just the beginning of a range of exciting Hitachi technologies to be released into the Australian market.

Source: Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia


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