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One hundred?s the charm for contracting fleet

RJ Vincent & Co is a proven Western Australian contractor in all aspects of bulk earthworks. It now runs one of the most extensive fleets in Perth with over 200 pieces of heavy plant and equipment.

{{image2-a:r-w:250}}Expansion across a diverse array of projects and demand for innovative and versatile equipment solutions continues to drive the company to invest in the latest equipment. Bell articulated dump trucks (ADTs) have proven the brand of choice for RJ Vincent with the company now boasting a fleet of 35 B50D ADTs and a B40D water tanker.

The fleet also features two Hitachi EX1200-6 hydraulic excavators and a Hitachi ZX850H excavator suited to loading both the Bell trucks as well as RJV?s larger rigid dump trucks. Recently, RJ Vincent took delivery of the 100th Bell B50 ADT in Australia.

RJ Vincent general manager Andrew Pilgrim said the company was very pleased with the 50-tonne ADT range as they are ideal for the type of work undertaken as well as their performance in fulfilling project requirements.

?The B50D ADTs were purchased due to their load carrying capacity and versatility for operating in all environments,? he said.

Six of the Bell B50D trucks have been converted into water tankers, each with a capacity to store 46,000 litres of water, and responsible for dust suppression on haul roads and around loading areas.

?Operators have been really impressed with the fingertip operation of the Bell B50D control as well as the easy maintenance of the trucks,? Pilgrim explained. ?Low fuel consumption, excellent operator comfort and easy to read monitors in the cab are clear advantages in the Bell machines.?

{{image3-a:r-w:250}}As the exclusive distributor of Bell equipment in Australia, Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia (HCA) is dedicated to the delivery and support of RJV?s Bell ADT fleet. ?The team at Hitachi understand our requirements and assist us on many levels,? Pilgrim said. ?The Welshpool workshop delivers an excellent standard of work and we always receive a positive attitude from the product support team.?

Pilgrim also highlighted the significance of what this milestone meant to RJV. ?It is a pleasure to be part of this milestone as we believe we have been instrumental in introducing the 50-tonne ADTs into our type of bulk earthworks in the Australian civil industry,? he said.

RJV?s recent purchase of the 100th Bell B50D ADT sold in Australia was celebrated at an exclusive presentation on 12 November, 2012 in Western Australia which was attended by representatives from HCA, RJV and Bell Equipment.

Source: Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia

ADTs shift safety to a new level

Delta Rent prides itself on a strict safety policy when it comes to the hire of articulated dump trucks (ADTs).

The Bell MKVII ADT has proven the popular choice for Delta Rent due to its factory standard features that have combined to set a new level in safety within the competitive ADT market.

Delta Rent general manager Warren Colbert said the factory standard on-board weighing system as well as the bin tip inclinometer and three separate retarders, which all come as factory standard, ensure the Bell ADT is the safest product that can be offered in Delta?s ADT hire fleet.

{{image4-a:r-w:250}} ?Duty of care is something we take very seriously,? Colbert said.

?If we can give operators the tools to be safe and features such as the bin tip side to side inclinometer to override hazardous situations, we believe we are adding unequalled value to our customer?s worksite.?

The safety features integrated into the Bell MKVII ADTs combined with their low centre of gravity and unequalled productivity make their acceptance on-site an easy choice for their respective customers and their operators.

?Though we have no control over the experience level of the operators who man them, we are confident that by providing a Bell ADT, we have provided the safest, most productive working environment possible,? Colbert said.

Source: Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia

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