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ADT hauls in innovative product design award

The A40F beat thousands of international products and impressed a panel of design experts to win the internationally recognised quality label ? and there might still be more success to come. At the awards ceremony in February 2013, the jury honoured the very best designs with an iF gold award.

Earlier in 2012, the A40F had won another one of the world?s most sought-after seals of design quality: the Red Dot best of the best product design award.

The iF product design awards have been honouring outstanding design for 60 years. Only the very best innovative works, from 16 categories, impressed the jury ? and this year designers and companies worldwide entered more than 3000 products.

The jury thoroughly examined each entry. The evaluation criteria included design quality, degree of innovation, environmental impact and functionality. Volvo CE?s A40F was awarded the prestigious prize in category 15 – for special vehicles, construction and agriculture.


?We are extremely proud to win another globally recognised mark of industrial design quality for the A40F articulated hauler,? said Anders P Larsson, executive vice president of Volvo CE?s technology function.

?This award is a tribute to the hard work of the many dedicated and skilled Volvo CE employees who helped to create Volvo?s market-leading and innovative range of F-series haulers by pushing the boundaries of technology and design. The A40F sets new standards in the market that Volvo created in 1966 when it invented the world?s first articulated hauler, known as ?Gravel Charlie?. This award proves that we are still the undisputed market leader.?

{{image2-a:r-w:250}}Volvo CE?s A40F articulated hauler manoeuvres, travels and dumps its load in the most efficient, safest way and is more fuel-efficient than the previous E-series model which, until now, was the class leader for low fuel consumption. The machine features improvements in design, functionality and maintenance.


?It is a tremendous honour for Volvo to receive yet another prestigious and highly respected accolade for the innovative design of the A40F,? declared Stina Nilimaa Wickstr?m, design director at Volvo CE. ?At Volvo we are proud of the outstanding performance delivered by this machine. The A40F?s imposing appearance is a direct reflection of its productivity, strength and durability.

When we started designing this generation of machines we evaluated the strongest elements from the previous series, those that most reflected the company?s core values of quality, safety and environmental care. We incorporated the strengths and implemented an updated design identity across the Volvo range which utilises our heritage and further strengthens the Volvo brand.?

Part of Volvo CE?s successful F-series ? which also incorporates the A25F, A30F, A35F, A35F FS and A40F FS ? the 39-tonne A40F has a heavy duty load body built from HB400 steel and its design, high dump clearance and tipping angle promote good material ejection. It is equipped with a load sensing ?closed centre? hydraulic system and double-acting, single-stage hoist cylinders raise the body on steep downhill gradients, permitting accurate, manageable dumping.

Operators can press a load and dump brake button in the cab that applies the service brakes and shifts the transmission to neutral while the on-board Contronics system enables them to set the maximum tipping angle and overall height of the body.

The A40F?s electronically controlled, six-cylinder turbo-charged V-ACT diesel engines feature high torque at low engine speeds. They are designed to match the Volvo drive train, ensuring the best use of power and torque in tough working conditions. The engine in the drivetrain is matched to torque converter with built-in lock-up function and fitted with a fully automatic fast adaptive transmission.

The drivetrain features an as standard automatic traction control (ATC) system which automatically disengages the rear axle, when not needed, and prevents drivers from leaving the hauler in an all-wheel drive when only 6 x 4 drive is required.

{{image3-a:r-w:250}}These measures prevent higher fuel consumption, tyre and mechanical wear. When the ATC senses slippage, the longitudinal differential lock and the 6 x 6 engage together, giving the hauler maximum traction in all conditions.

The A40F is fitted with four ?dog clutch? differential locks that assist in maximising grip and when applied in combination rotate all wheels at the same speed in severe operating conditions, such as deep mud. The operator can turn off the drive mode with all differential locks in the cab simply by pressing a floor-mounted button while the vehicle is moving.

The A40F has a three-point bogie beam design that allows the rear wheels to move independently, ensuring good ground contact, traction, stability and minimising strain on the frame. The high positioned rotating hitch (close to the load?s centre of gravity) is maintenance-free and has permanently greased tapered roller bearings, ensuring high ground clearance for off-road mobility and improved stability when hauling at high speeds.

The A40F FS (Full Suspension) is fitted with a fully hydraulic front and rear suspension which, coupled with an automatic levelling system and stabiliser, maximises the hauling speeds of both loaded and unloaded machines.

The A40F is fitted with oil-cooled wet discs on all wheels, ideal for high torque and heavy load capacities in extreme environments, and hydraulic retarders for slowing the vehicle, maintaining a steady speed on declines or preventing the vehicle from accelerating down a decline. The A40F also features the Volvo Engine Brake, comprising a compression brake and exhaust retarder.

For maintenance, the A40F has a swing-down front grille with integrated steps that act as a service platform. The hood also tips 90 degrees, making the engine compartment more accessible.

All grease points and remote-mounted drains are accessible from ground level or non-slip platforms. No daily or weekly greasing is required.


Around 2000 guests specialising in international design, media, business and politics assembled to congratulate the iF award winners on 22 February, 2013 in Munich, Germany. Together with the other prize-winning products, the Volvo A40F articulated hauler was presented as part of the iF design exhibitions in Hannover and Hamburg as well as in the iF product design online exhibition.

Source: Volvo Construction Equipment

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