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Supplier gains local rights to world class belt weighing system

The OBS unit has no moving parts and is not connected to any belt. An electro-optical volume measuring sensor, built into the support frame, measures the cross-profile of the material on the conveyor belt with the feed rate of the belt measured by an inductive switch.

{{image2-a:r-w:250}}The combined data is calculated and the result is the volume of the material on the belt. Independent tests have proven the OBS measurements to be 99.5 per cent accurate.

The unit has a PDA and its own handheld Bluetooth printer unit. No printers are attached to the crushing or screening unit. The owner can nominate the client?s name and product, select measurements required in the PDA (ie 1.6 tonnes = 1 metre or 1.8 tonnes = 1 metre) and print reports immediately.

These reports allow the owner to view the time the unit started, tonnages every 30 minutes, how many times in the day the unit was turned on and off and total daily tonnages. It will provide daily and monthly calculations, with the data stored for one year.

The OBS is dust and vibration proof, as it has no moving parts and can work on very short belts and chevron belts, as well as all pivoting and foldable conveyor belts. It can be fitted in two hours by two technicians and requires calibrating only once upon fitting. Even if the angle of the conveyor belt is changed the OBS does not need recalibrating. The PDA and printer are not mounted to the machine which means these devices cannot be influenced by vibration, temperature, dust or rain.

{{image3-a:r-w:200}}The advantage of the OBS unit is that it removes the pressure away from loader drivers. No longer is it necessary to slow down and weigh every bucket of material before it is removed to stockpile; the drivers can work without having to stress about every bucket of material coming from the crusher or screen.

In addition, the one year storage period gives the owner the opportunity for recourse if there is a dispute at some stage throughout the contract period. All the data is stored inside the sensor, thus the information can be printed and will assist in the resolution of any dispute over tonnages.

The Sensortechnik OBS can be fitted to mobile units between 600mm and 1400mm and fixed plant belts up to 2400mm.

Source: Screenmasters Australia

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