Radial conveyors make immediate impact on civil construction business

?When Robson first approached us about the project, we immediately identified it as the perfect opportunity to put the new machine through its paces and fully utilise the radial function,? Michael Tripolone, the managing director of Tricon, explained.

?Large tonnages and long operating hours meant the machine had to perform flawlessly to meet the project requirements. With the ability to stockpile up to 14,000 tonnes remotely, the machine was the perfect fit for what Robson had in mind.?

The set-up included a Caterpillar 980G front end loader feeding one of Tricon?s Parker ST225 (22? x 5?) incline screens, scalping small amounts of oversize coal contaminants from the 350 tonne per hour feed. The remainder of the coal was then fed directly to the Ezystak R-8042TR radial stacker and stockpiled with efficiency and uniformity unachievable with regular front end loader stockpiling.

Robson?s site supervisor Terry Hall is no stranger to the Ezystak track conveyors, having used them previously on other Robson/Tricon projects. He quickly saw the radial machine as an opportune way to increase production, while markedly reducing cost.

?The Ezystak R-8042TR radial stacker allows Robson to reduce costs by having the capacity to stockpile more than one day?s production by only needing one operator,? Hall said. ?The loader operated remote is what makes this possible by the need for no stoppage to rotate the stacker into a new position.

?Tricon?s reliability, back-up and service make Robson?s screening and crushing operations more competitive.?

The new radial machines are available with 1050mm and 1200mm width belts, plus a dual power option, allowing the machines to run off the diesel engine or off an external 415 volt power source.

?This is one of the biggest advantages for our Kleemann customers,? Tripolone said. ?The ability to plug directly in to one of their crushers and reap massive benefits in fuel consumption.?

The machines are available with Deutz or Caterpillar engines and a wide range of other options including full dust suppression, extended feed boots and belt scales. The radial conveyors can even be custom painted to customer specifications.

The radial machines complement the rest of the Ezystak range that Tricon has been distributing in Australia for several years. These include the 80? and 65? track-mounted machines, plus the 50? wheeled units.

?The wheeled units are popular with customers in many different fields, not just the quarrying industry,? Tripolone said. ?The versatility of the machines has seen them working in environments we never envisaged, often providing an ingenious, simple solution to an incredibly complex problem. With very little hydraulic power needed to drive them, we?ve seen them powered by bobcats, small excavators and even old tractors.?

The track-mounted machines have also had substantial upgrades. The new models feature the new Caterpillar C2.2c turbo engine, offering increased kilowatts and greatly reduced running costs. The latest models also have a  revamped electrical system, with a PLC unit offering a host of new features including digital RPM read-out and adjustable turbo timer functions.

Source: Tricon Mining Equipment

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