Programmable weighing terminal replaces PC system

Accuweigh?s IT9000E weighing terminal is freely programmable so that weighing functionality is easily integrated into complex operational and reporting requirements. The IT9000E can achieve this without external PLC logic or PC-based software functionality.

{{image2-a:r-w:200}}This outload system is used for accurately loading outgoing vehicles with their required product weights before they proceed to the weighbridge for a legal weight ticket. As in most quarries, minimal loading times are important to achieve required product throughput and, because the weighbridge is 500m from the load out facility, vehicles returning for product load adjustments waste valuable time and plant resources.

In this application, product from the crushing plant is directed to six storage bins (20mm, 10mm, 5mm agg, crusher dust, etc) positioned in line over a single conveyor. This conveyor has a belt weigher installed, which provides feedback to the controller on the amount of product loaded.

In the outload system operation:

?    A truck arrives on-site and the driver uses a Dallas tag (on one of three readers) to identify the net load required ? light flashes.
?    The driver then uses a different Dallas tag to identify the product required (this loads a target weight, bin number and freefall cut off to the controller) ? light on solid.
?    The truck positions under the discharge conveyor.
?    The controller opens the required bin and monitors the weight passed over the belt weigher.
?    The controller outputs a ?live? total to a remote display (used to advise drivers if the bin is empty or the target weight has been reached) ? load done.
?    The controller records the transaction in a CSV file for production manager reports, which are exported via USB on demand.
?    A third wireless Dallas ID tag reader is installed for the site bin truck to communicate via modem to log materials being removed from the bins for on-site stockpiling.

To achieve the desired outcome of accurately loaded trucks leaving the plant on schedule requires the integration of a significant plant automation involving hardware and software components.

Previously, PC-based outload systems could meet the requirements of automatic data entry and the reporting details but the Achilles? heel of PC systems is that over time their software, firmware or operating system becomes outdated, requiring a new system.


{{image3-a:r-w:200}}Accuweigh?s IT9000E digital weight indicator eliminates these problems. Its Linux-based operating system offers free programmability and its modular design provides an extremely flexible input/output (I/O) concept. An Ethernet interface with integrated web server functionality, Profibus DP, DeviceNet and CANbus fieldbus interfaces allows seamless integration for most plants, along with a USB 2.0 host interface.

Optional parallel and analogue I/Os can integrate with ageing transmission mediums still in use by many hardware manufacturers.
A full alphanumeric keyboard is mated to a graphic display to allow customisation for the most demanding weighing applications. With high noise immunity against radio interference and up to 400 weight updates per second, the IT9000E can perform the most complex and demanding of weighing and integration requirements.

Available with two on-board analogue to digital (A/D) scale inputs, but also capable of being multiplexed to a further eight scale bases, the IT9000E exceeds most people?s expectations. It can be trade-approved for in-motion weighing applications, including in-motion axle weighbridges, high speed check weighing and in-motion grading scales, and can perform as a multi-ingredient batching system or as a mobile data capture system.

Source: Accuweigh

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