Productivity through optimised drilling, crushing operations

Drilling contractor Minera San Pedro need not fret if its rock is suitable for its mobile crusher ? or vice versa. It has invested in perfectly matched equipment.

In Cordoba, central Argentina, Minera San Pedro has upgraded its fleet with Atlas Copco?s PowerROC T35 surface drill rig and Powercrusher PC1055 jaw crusher.

At this work site, the combination of the two is a wise choice. They are matched to work well together so Minera San Pedro can optimise its drilling and crushing operations and achieve maximum productivity.


For over 30 years, Minera San Pedro has provided drilling, demolition, tunnelling and rock crushing services to other contractors plus mines and cement companies in Argentina and neighbouring countries.

When the firm decided to upgrade its drilling fleet, it wanted a higher penetration rate, straighter holes and longer rod life. The PowerROC T35 was the answer to all three.

{{image2-a:r-w:300}}?To remain competitive we realised that we needed to upgrade,? Minera San Pedro?s general manager Federico Schroeder explained. ?At the same time, we wanted a good balance between performance, fuel consumption and availability of spare parts.?

Schroeder had previously used Atlas Copco pneumatic drill rigs but the PowerROC T35?s hydraulic power is far superior. It is robust for a hard rock surface application like quarrying, offering good fuel consumption and an advanced new feed system that optimises the performance of the COP 1840 hammer.

Gabriel Joaquin, Atlas Copco?s product manager for surface mining in Argentina, said: ?The PowerROC T35 combines productivity, drilling quality and cost efficiency. The 18kW, double dampened rock drill allows high penetration and more drilling power but uses less energy, which reduces fuel consumption.?

Joaquin added that a higher penetration rate, straighter holes and long rod life was ?every driller?s dream?, and the PowerROC T35, with its hydraulic cylinder feed system, rigid aluminium feed beam and precise feed force, made that dream possible.

Minera San Pedro is a case in point. ?It?s certainly true for our operations,? Schroeder said. ?The rig offers great versatility, as we can use it in different applications, from mining, hydraulic and civil works to mountain road works. It is agile but simple to operate.?


To offer a complete service from drilling to processed material, Minera San Pedro teamed the T35 with the Powercrusher PC1055. The company also owns Atlas Copco?s PC1375 impact crusher and HCS3715 screen.

?The Powercrusher PC1055 was suitable when we compared performance and fuel consumption,? Schroeder said. ?It can be transported without dismantling and the Quattro system reduces the rock to an even smaller size inside the machine.?

The Quattro system causes a figure-eight motion in the moving jaw, increasing the feed capacity and generating a post-crush stage at the crusher?s outlet.

An advantage of sourcing a drill rig and crusher from the same supplier is uniform, regular service. For this reason, Atlas Copco provides high quality after sales service, adapted to the customer?s specific needs.

?Atlas Copco was the obvious choice for crushing as well as drilling due to its state of the art technology,? Schroeder concluded. ?Now we?re achieving the level we wanted and we?re very much in tune with safety and the environment and focusing on improving our service to clients.?

Source: Atlas Copco

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