Preventing blockages with breakers

The cause of blockages within the crushing chamber is commonly known as ?bridging? ? where oversize material prevents product from entering the crusher chamber or stalls the crusher. There is anecdotal evidence that operators attempt to clear blockages by barring the blockage while the crusher is operating, or entering the crusher chamber pit to manually remove the cause of the blockage/bridging material.

This is a very dangerous practice and should never be attempted unless the crushing plant has been stopped and isolated. In many applications where mobile units are loaded by excavator, the excavator driver does not have a clear view of the blockage and requires the assistance of a second person standing on the side of the crusher.

Hazards encountered when crushers become blocked may include poor or difficult access, accidental start-up, being struck by material from the feeder, movement of oddly shaped material inside the crusher chamber or pit, slips and falls, manual handling of rocks and equipment or tramp iron material.

Working on the premise that prevention is better than cure, every effort should be made to prevent oversize material entering the crusher feed hopper. The potential risk of injury can be significantly reduced or eliminated when mobile crushers are fitted with purpose built hydraulic compact breaker systems.

McQuaid rock breaker boom systems are designed to increase productivity, cut downtime and, more importantly, reduce risk from crusher jaw blockages. The systems are designed for use on fixed plant or mobile crushers, for the purpose of breaking oversize material that creates blockages. The compact dimensions of these units enable the boom to remain on the crusher during transport.

The system is positioned to allow the operator clear view of the hammer working on the oversize material, and systems can be operated remotely or via a control panel mounted to the boom system. This reduces the need for excavators to be mobilised to the crusher jaws and retrofitting the breaker hammer to quick hitch.

In March 2012, Boral Construction Materials? Mugga Lane Quarry, in Symonston, ACT, installed a McQuaid CM6000. The project design was carried out from inception by the McQuaid Engineering Division, including the foundation support platform frame. Since installation, the system has assisted significantly in reducing downtime due to blockage.

The system provides ultimate flexibility, panel mounted operational controls and an optional radio remote control system. The radio remote enables the additional feature of a complete 360-degree working view of the hammer within the crusher pit area.

The machine has an 8.7m horizontal reach and a 6.3m vertical reach with fitted hammer, which ensures all areas of the cone crusher pit can be actively serviced by the machine.

Safety is of paramount importance to everybody in the mining and industrial sectors, and breaker boom assemblies are not exempt from such constraints. As value added additional features, Scavenger Supplies can also include an automatic fire suppression system for power packs or complete machine coverage. Standard booms are supplied with over-centre valves fitted on the hydraulic system; the option of either 180-degree or 360-degree slew ensures the machine can be parked in the optimum position for maintenance personnel.

Furthermore, a centralised lube system reduces the need for maintenance personnel to perform extended reaching to difficult lubrication points.

Years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of rock breaker booms, including collaboration with leading OEM design teams, has ensured Scavenger?s range of boom systems are of a superior quality and built to withstand the destructive nature of their intended application. Scavenger Supplies offers a comprehensive after-sales service for all customers. Its experienced sales engineers are always on hand to provide advice on the most suitable product for an application, plus installation, commissioning and training support.

Source: Scavenger Supplies

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