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Loadrite distributor celebrates 30 years

Like many small family businesses, an office and garage in the family home was where business was done. A few years later, Neville responded to an advertisement in a magazine looking for distributors of new wheel loader scales from Loadrite, a company based, at the time, in Tauranga, New Zealand. Ever since, Galesafe technicians have fitted and serviced Loadrite weighing systems in wheel loaders in all sorts of applications. These days the Galesafe headquarters is located in Thomastown, Victoria.

{{image2-a:r-w:250}}The Loadrite brand is long renowned for its market-orientated range of weighing equipment, and for its longevity, reliability and accuracy. The first generation of Loadrite systems fitted by Galesafe in the 1980s were known as the Loadrite 710, followed through the 1990s and 2000s by the LR810, the LR910, the LR915 and LR912, and then more recently the Loadrite Pro.

These models have all since been replaced by the current range of products for wheel loaders, now referred to as the L-Series, and comprising the Loadrite L-2180 (top of the range model), Express, Force and Sprint. The new L-Series systems now also offer ground slope compensation for those quarry floors that aren?t quite level.

To prove the reliability of its product, Galesafe is currently offering a prize for the oldest Loadrite weighing system that it can locate within Victoria!

In more recent years, the Loadrite brand has expanded beyond wheel loader scales and now encompasses a superior excavator weighing system (X-Series), conveyor belt scales (C-Series), waste collection systems (E-Series), and state of the art reporting tools (IM-Series, including Insight) which complement the loader scales in the market place.

For a given site, Loadrite is now able to offer a ?one stop shop? for all mobile plant weighing needs, and Galesafe can assist its customers? operations in maximising efficiencies when the weighing systems are complemented with data monitoring and reporting tools. Even trade measurement has been taken into consideration with Loadrite systems certified for trade sales all over Victoria and Australia.

The Galesafe team comprises general/sales manager Jim Cairns, who started with the company as a technician in 1998, as the primary sales contact. His wife, Rowena Cairns, business manager and daughter of Neville and Gloria Gale, runs the day to day scheduling, quoting and business development as well as implementing service contracts for scheduled maintenance.

In addition, Galesafe has Luke McKee as leading hand/supervisor and three technicians: Chris Game, Brad Kirwen and Andrew Bennett. This team of technicians are fully trained in the installation, calibration, repairs and servicing of all Loadrite systems, and Galesafe runs a fleet of service vehicles fully stocked with spare parts at all times.

Galesafe Weighing is available wherever and whenever required, and generally within a rapid response time, to attend to a customer?s Loadrite system and make repairs or adjustments as required. Galesafe also offers a service program to regularly maintain and service the full range of Loadrite systems. A regular service and maintenance schedule (every six months or annually) can be provided to suit a customer?s requirements, ensure their weighing systems are running at their peak, and therefore reduce downtime.

Neville and Gloria are both retired now and spend their time travelling, tinkering with Pontiacs and trying to keep up with their ever expanding tribe of grandchildren. Jim, Rowena and the rest of the Galesafe crew are grateful to them both for the opportunities and support they have provided over the last three decades.

Source: Galesafe Weighing

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