New E series crawler excavator

LiuGong has improved operating efficiency in its excavators by a total of 10 per cent, while reducing fuel consumption by 18 per cent. The new E series machine boosts operating efficiency by five per cent, while reducing fuel consumption by eight per cent over the D series machines LiuGong unveiled last year. The D series had already improved efficiency by five per cent and lowered fuel consumption by 10 per cent over previous models.

The 922E?s automatic power boost mode increases digging force by up to 10 per cent for 10 second intervals, giving the operator an on-demand boost. The no-time-limit heavy lift system enables the operator to increase pressure to build force and reduce hydraulic flow to the attachment, while reducing speed, for added control during lifting operations.  An automatic boom descend regeneration system allows the boom to descend faster, increasing productivity while lowering fuel consumption.

In severe terrain and weather conditions, a cold weather auxiliary starting system and a high elevation power compensation system combine to extend operating ranges and productivity.

A unique multi-working mode selection system enables the operator to match excavator performance closely to the type of job required ? from extra power or lifting configurations to attachment modes, including bi-directional control to the fuel saving economy mode, all of which optimise the machine performance to the job of the day.

A Cummins QSB6.7 diesel engine rated at 127kW powers the excavator, delivering extra power for extra tough duties, while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The model on display at Intermat will be Stage 3B compliant to meet the toughest emissions standards globally. However, depending on market requirements, the 922E can be provided in Stage 3A or Tier II configurations.

The 922E also features an automatic idle function, which reduces engine rpm after just five seconds when the machine is at rest, significantly reducing fuel consumption and engine wear.

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