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WA remains the state for workers

Ranstad also said that WA?s employment sector would remain strong with a rise in employer mobility and growth in mining-related industries.

While there are some fears the peak of the mining boom may have passed, Randstad CEO Fred van der Tang said the rapid growth in supportive industries along with the current strength of the state?s overall economy means the local labour market is likely to remain tight.

?The recent trade deficit figures have obviously worried some commentators about the long term stability of the mining industry in the Western state,? van der Tang said. ?While it?s always difficult to look into the future, the sustained growth of many local industries, which are not necessarily related to the mining sector, point to continued strength in the jobs market.?

The results of the latest Randstad Workmonitor also show Australian employees are mobile but it isn?t just Australian workers who are making the move.

?This trend isn?t just limited to Australians, with some of our nearest neighbours also recording extremely high mobility ratings. Workers from Hong Kong, Malaysia and China were not only rated as the most mobile in the world, but also those who believe they are most overqualified for their current role.?

Randstad?s operations director for Western Australia, Todd Allen, said the quantity and diversity of companies expanding their businesses in Western Australia is a further sign of the continued confidence and long term economic growth expected.

Source: Ranstad

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