Alcohol-free beer just the tonic for work sites

Well, you could possibly drink a Coopers Holsten 0.0%, a premium quality alcohol-free beer.

Increasing numbers of workplaces such as quarries, mining camps, oil and gas rigs and the aviation, transport and heavy construction industries have zero alcohol policies in place.

Now, with Coopers? Holsten 0.0%, which is brewed by international brewer Carlsberg, you can safely drink and drive without being declared a ?bloody idiot?.

?Holsten 0.0% is brewed in accordance with the German Purity Law, resulting in a premium beer that is packaged and tastes like a high quality international lager,? said Scott Harris, the marketing manager for brewing products at Coopers. ?The only difference is that it does not contain any alcohol at all.?

Harris said the product was aimed at people who liked the taste of beer but either did not want or could not have alcohol.

Hosten 0.0% is also low in kilojoules, which makes it a good alternative for the health or weight conscious. It is sold in 330ml bottles for less than $10 a six-pack at Woolworths stores.

This is good news since a recent study by Murdoch University Audience Labs and the University of Wollongong showed that full-strength emotional attachment occurs in about 25 per cent of buyers.

Deputy Director of Audience Labs Dr Steve Bellman said that when companies were able to tap into consumer?s deeper feelings, the payoffs could be substantial.

?For example, men who felt ?love? for their beer brand purchased 38 per cent more than average,? said Bellman.

And it seems that some are falling in love with Holsten as the equivalent of more than 15,500 cases were sold by the end of September this year.

Sources: Science Network, Coopers

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