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1. What is a modular plant?
A processing plant built from pre-engineered and standardised component units, brought together to achieve the desired plant output.

2. Modular plants are not new but seem to be back ?in fashion?. Are quarry suppliers revisiting the concept due to feedback from the operators?
Time is money for operators. The modular concept reduces plant design time and assembly and commissioning of a new plant. It is about providing a standard product in a pre-engineered way with shorter lead times.

3. What is different about the modular plant being offered now? What are the improvements to the plant concept?
The Trio modular skid products have been developed over the past 12 years, offering a range not previously available by a single manufacturer. With over 150 modular kits available, operators have much more to choose from when designing a plant.

4. What are the advantages of your modular plants, compared to traditional mobile or fixed plant?
Trio modular skids are a faster solution to production, offering a wider range of features than traditional mobile products. Modular systems do not have the limited service access of mobile equipment and provide a much longer equipment life cycle compared to traditional mobile equipment. The reason for this is the modular systems incorporate quarry/mining duty equipment, not lighter equipment.

5. What components of an extractive operation do you offer in a modular format?
Trio offers a wide range of crushing, screening, washing and material handling processes in modular units. The entire Trio product line has been utilised in plant layouts, and each component has a standard modular structure.

6. What types of extractive operations are your modular plants operating in – either within Australia or abroad?
Trio has modular components and complete modular plants in operations on every continent. We offer complete aggregate crushing, washing plants, iron ore beneficiation plants, single stage primary or secondary modules to replace ageing equipment.

7. Are your modules purely pre-designed or can they be customised?
Our modules start as a pre-designed unit and are customised as needed.

8. Do your modular plants run on electricity or diesel? What are the associated benefits of the power supply options you offer?
Our modular units are typically driven by electric motors that would be connected to line or generator power. Trio has built some direct drive diesel units, along with some hybrid, diesel/hydraulic, and diesel/hydraulic/electric-driven units.

9. How relocatable are your modular plants? Do you expect that they will be disassembled and reused frequently?
Our standard units can be moved just as they were assembled. Trio assembles each unit in a high bay assembly plant, then disassembles the units and ships them off in containers. Each customer?s requirements are different. Some will be able to move large sections across a pit and put the units back together in a few days, while some may need to break the units down into smaller blocks and ship longer distances where it might take a week. And other customers have Trio build them a modular skid with heavy duty sliding legs that can be pulled around the quarry with a large loader or dozer.

10. What is the greatest output/throughput on your modular plant?
Our largest capacity single machine is a CT6080 jaw and is nominally rated for 1500 mtph. Our current largest modular plant is 4000 mtph.

11. What capacity are the feeders/hopper bins?
Trio has built modular primary dump bins with 120m3 of live load capacity, and has designs for units of 250m3 to 500m3, using either a vibrating grizzly feeder, reciprocating plate feeders or apron feeders.

12. What sort of feedback have you had from customers following the installation of the modular plant?
Most comment that they are very impressed with how well everything goes together. Customers are also impressed by the fabrication strength of our structures and the overall value that they received.

13. Can you give us one or two examples of infrastructure projects/extractive operations where your modular plant has been successfully installed?
Trio has nearly 1000 modular skids in operation worldwide, including a complete 1000 tph modular plant installed in California that produces aggregate for a dam project. Trio also supplied a two-stage crushing plant for CRH-Oldcastle at APAC in the USA. Index EMS have installed a complete plant in Queensland and have another two plants being installed this year in Gladstone (40 containers/450 tonnes of equipment) and Cloncurry (50 containers/600 tonnes of equipment)

14. Any further information you would like to contribute about modular plant?
Trio modular skids are designed to bring engineered solutions to our customers quickly and cost-effectively. Index EMS is stocking a large range of Trio equipment, complete with modular skids at our Brisbane works to even better the availability of this equipment.

{{image2-a:l-w:100}}Morgan Bennett, Manager, Index Industrial Brokers, Equipment & Machinery Sales Pty Ltd, talks about the challenges of bringing engineered solutions quickly and cost-effectively to customers.


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