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1. What is a modular plant?
Modular plant is used for short to medium term crushing jobs; it is easily erected and dismantled. These types of plants offer a much cheaper cost alternative to a fixed plant set-up.

2. Modular plant have been around previously but seem to be back ?in fashion?. Are quarry suppliers revisiting the concept due to feedback from the operators?
Modular plant is generally for contractors or short to medium term crushing contracts. Contractors are tending to look at modular plant over tracked crushing plant because of the ease of the maintenance and lower operating costs.

3. What is different about the modular plant being offered now, compared to the past? What sorts of improvements have been made to the plant concept?
Modular plant is much easier to erect and engineering costs are eliminated. The
plant can be electrically driven which reduces the running and operating
costs significantly.

4. What are the advantages of your modular plants compared to traditional mobile or fixed plant?
The advantages to the modular plant solutions are there are no tracks, so it?s easier to maintain. This plant can be run electrically, thus reducing operating costs significantly. The modular is still classed as a transportable plant that eliminates expensive development approval costs.

5. What components of an extractive operation do you offer in a modular format?
The components of an extractive operation in a modular format include the primary jaw plant, secondary crushing station, tertiary crushing station, quarternary station and screening stations.

{{image2-a:r-w:250}}6. What types of extractive operations are your modular plants operating in – either within Australia or abroad?
The types of extractive operations that our modular plants are operating in are generally medium to long term operations in metalliferous, stone quarries and medium to long term higher tonnage operations.

7. Are your modules purely pre-designed or can they be customised?
Our modules can be modernised and adapted to suit each site, application and outcome needed to be achieved, for example tonnage, shape and material to
be processed.

8. Do your modular plants run on electricity or diesel? What are the associated benefits of the power supply options you offer?
Our modular plants runs on either electricity or diesel, it depends on the requirements of the operator.

9. What is the greatest output/throughput on your modular plant?
The greatest output/throughput on our modular plant is generally from 300 tonnes per hour (tph) to 1000 tph. This can be designed to suit.

10. What capacity are the feeders/hopper bins?
The capacity of the feeders/hopper bins are designed to suit tonnage and throughput required.

11. What sort of feedback have you had from customers following the installation of the modular plant?
Following the installation of the modular plant, there has been a lot of interest, particularly from contractors who have tracked equipment and are looking for simpler and more cost-effective ways to operate and maintain the gear, especially on the higher tonnage longer term applications.

12. Can you give us one or two examples of infrastructure projects/extractive operations where your modular plant has been successfully installed?
Our Telsmith modular plant has been successfully installed on sites where the existing plant and equipment was
extensively overhauled, including the Tilcon New York project in New Jersey and the Carmeuse Lime and Stone Quarry in Cedarville, Michigan.
13. Is there any other information you would like to contribute about the modular plant?
Astec also use the Fastpac system as another medium to long term solution. The equipment is all trailered and capable of producing high tonnages; it is also more transportable. There are two types of modular systems: one is able to be containerised and is much more transportable and the other one is a longer term option and is able to produce much larger volumes.

{{image3-a:l-w:100}}Tony Barton, Eastern Region Sales Manager, Aggregate and Mining Group, Astec Australia Pty Ltd, discusses the pros and cons of modular plant and why it is appealing to contractors and short term projects.


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