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Payload systems add new dimension to load, haul

Manufactured with the latest electronics components, the Millennium 5 and Helper X are designed to manage workflow and can connect wirelessly in a remote location, no matter how remote.

The Millennium 5 and Helper X can provide information about:

?    Weight.
?    Customer name.
?    Carrier name.
?    Destination name.
?    Project ID.
?    Order number.
?    Product name.
?    Price.
?    Driver ID/machine ID.
?    Simultaneous blends management.
?    Trucks? axle weight management.
?    Trucks? plate identification.

When establishing internal back-up data buffer technology, it is important to consider where and how data can be stored. For example, how is the data stored? Where will it go if a transmission error occurs? Will you be free to work anyway? How many payloads can be stored in case of transmission loss?

The Millennium 5 and Helper X address these questions through dynamic data buffer technology. Together with an operating system (OS), Millennium 5 and Helper X allow users to freely take care of their jobsites while the systems manage the buffer in the background, without the user knowing of any transmission problems.

The data transfer technology includes:

1. USB transfer. Vei has extensively invested in the research and development of a unique USB-based data transfer capability and GSM/GPRS wireless technology. With a standard USB stick, you can transfer the data from the loader into the office PC using a basic spreadsheet program or Vei software that stores all the information in a powerful database. This payload management software also allows data from different machines in the field. Furthermore, you can program your Millennium 5 or Helper X databases through the Vei software.

2. GSM/GPRS. With this feature, you can simplify your work and watch what is happening at the jobsite from the comfort of your office desk.

Install the GSM/GPRS module into your loader and the Millennium 5 or Helper X will send the payload data to the remote office. Or you can retrieve data from the loader when you choose with the push of a button.

The Millennium 5 and Helper X can be equipped with a quality thermal printer that allows printing of all data in seconds. The printed data features a superior layout, including customised requirements that relate to the product specifications or company approvals. Furthermore, the paper roll concept allows printing reports on products and customers.

The printer can be integrated underneath the Millennium 5 or Helper X, making one unique system, or it can be installed apart for more convenience or to suit space needs.

The benefits of installing the Millennium 5 or Helper X include:

?    Data processing power.
?    Full payload management on a
ticket printout.
?    Full payload management on PC software.
?    Easy use, PC-type, soft-key icons.
?    Colour screen technology, allowing full operator interaction.
?    Payload links to vital data via a standard USB port.

The dumper load system is also offered by Vei. It is fully automatic and requires no driver intervention. It displays the loaded weight and sends sound signals on the completion of the load, automatic memorisation of the weight per load, trip number time and loading shovel code. The system also has loading lights for the external sides of the dumper.

All Vei products have a separate serial port for connecting real-time radio communication devices.

?Wheel loader manufacturers worldwide appreciate our know-how,? Vei Group director Colin Belbin said. ?Combined with Vei?s strong worldwide dealer network coverage, the company provides customers with high levels of service and support.

?Vei provides the mining and construction industry with a wide range of on-board weighing solutions for numerous applications. These include front-end loaders, rigid mine trucks, on-highway trucks, excavators and lift trucks.?

Source: Vei Group

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