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From quarry to reserve

Having provided about 50 per cent of Sydney?s sand and gravel requirements, the Cumberland Plains will eventually see the end of quarrying activities and the completion of a new system of lakes and parks.

Penrith-based Shepherd Group Services is the contractor responsible for moving the huge volume of material needed to create the new landforms.

?Our Terex TA 400 dump trucks are hauling sandstone on a three-kilometre haul road, working 10-hour shifts, five and a half days every week,? Colin Shepherd said. ?They can handle the toughest environments and have proven themselves as very productive.

?The response to the TA 400s from our operators has been amazing. They really appreciate reduced interior cab noise levels and the improved air conditioning. A large capacity body with low load height and the twin-angle tail chute give a real help for efficient load retention and ejection. Overall, our Terex TA 400s are very reliable, considering the constant hours on the job and a demanding workload.

?To reduce the impact of site work on our neighbours and the environment, working hours are restricted and machinery is fitted with low noise exhaust systems. Dust is constantly controlled on work areas and watering of haul roads and grassing or mulching is completed promptly. Sediment, erosion and spill control is in place to ensure the adjacent Nepean River and already completed lakes are protected.?

The first stage of the Lakes Scheme, the 196-hectare Sydney International Regatta Centre, was successfully completed in 1995 and subsequently utilised at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. It is now a popular sporting, corporate and social venue and receives an average of 50,000 visitors a month.

Source: Terex Corporation

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