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Hanson highlights work opportunities via video

The new project aims to encourage high school students to enter into the science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) industry.
A Gold Coast City Council spokesperson said they chose Wolffdene Quarry to participate in the video because it showcased a diverse range of STEM related positions and activities. 
?From operating and maintaining machinery to blasting and calculating rock size, there is also the geology and environmental aspects of the quarry that made it an obvious choice to highlight in the STEM video,? a spokesperson said. 
?However, what underpins all of this is the culture which Hanson fosters to train and provide opportunities for their staff to experience and grow within the industry, which for me is what young people need to be aware of.? 
Five Gold Coast companies were included in the video, which included short interviews of employees within the field who discussed their daily schedule, projects they worked on and why they chose to work within the STEM industry.
Wolffdene Quarry, which has worked within the Gold Coast City Council since 1983, was the only extractive industry representative invited to participate in the video from the Luscombe area. 
Trainee quarry manager Jarrod Leech was invited to speak on the video about his experience working with the STEM industry.
?It was a great opportunity to share with the youngsters why they should enter into this field and industry,? Mr Leech said. ?Too many kids or school leavers think they have to leave the area to work within this industry and that simply is not true.
?As I said on the video, I would definitely tell students to give it a go, it?s rewarding, you work hard, you get paid good money, you are not in the middle of nowhere, and you get to live on the Gold Coast. It?s awesome.? 
Source: Hanson

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