Breakers, attachments go to work on waste levy

To combat this, the Queensland Government have introduced an extra waste levy to reduce the amount of waste in landfill and change our behaviour towards recycling. If you?re thinking it?s a hindrance to business, think again. With the right equipment, you can turn it into profit.
{{image2-a:r-w:250}}A lot of the materials on a construction site are perfect for recycling. Concrete and rubble can be used in the construction of roads and as drainage aggregates in new housing and commercial developments. Brick makers can recycle used bricks to produce new products or be reused easily. Construction projects can use recovered sand, provided that it is not contaminated. Other wastes such as light woods, plastics and packaging can also be recycled.

The trick is to sort the material.

Sorting by hand can be time-consuming and expensive, creating a reluctance to recycle. What follows are a few pieces of equipment that make light work of your demolition project, and enable easier sorting of waste materials, to sell straight from site.

Rammer hammers, produced by Sandvik, are used to effectively break concrete and other hard building materials. Their simple operation has made them a favourite amongst the demolition industry.

Rammer cutter crushers are an efficient alternative to other demolition methods, like sawing and blasting, and are ideally suited to environmentally sensitive applications where low vibration, noise and dust are of concern. The cutter crushers have the ability to deconstruct structure into easily handled units.

{{image3-a:l-w:250}}Rammer pulverisers make light work of material separation and are suited to a wide range of secondary demolition and recycling duties.

Simex crusher buckets deliver low cost on-site processing by sizing materials such as concrete and brick into easily handled stockpiles for distribution. The Simex buckets have a large capacity and high throughput to achieve the most demanding lead times.

Robi grabs are multi-functional for sorting, loading and separating large quantities of demolition waste materials. The hydraulic rotation grabs are very manoeuvrable and are found on demolition sites nationwide.

These attachments make light work of sorting and handling demolition waste into easily recoverable stockpiles. This enables recycling companies to come in and take the waste away easily and in some cases they will pay you for the sorted material. The better you sort, the easier it is to recycle, saving you time and money in expensive waste levies.

?We?ve seen a sizable increase in the domestic demolition market for attachments that can be used to sort materials for recycling,? says Chris Theodore, the Queensland sales manager for Transmin Breakers & Attachments. ?The levy has got people thinking about more efficient methods of demolition and site recycling.?

Rammer, Simex and Robi demolition attachments can be purchased through dealers Australia wide. Transmin Breakers & Attachments, based in Queensland,  Western Australia and the Northern Territory, even hire the majority of these attachments on a job by job basis, or for longer periods for the larger project.

Source: Transmin Breakers & Attachments

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