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Quarry open day announces Rammer return

May 2012 saw the Inaugural PrecisionScreen and Sandvik Expo become a roaring success. The three day event attracted approximately 300 industry specialists who witnessed a showcase of products used at the live quarry demonstration site, in Nucrush Quarry, Oxenford, Queensland.

Alongside the working demonstrations were static displays by Sandvik Construction, Precisionscreen, Hitachi and Transmin Breakers & Attachments, accompanied by key product support personnel to discuss the finer details.

Transmin Breakers & Attachments and Sandvik held some exciting news for the national and international crowd on the second day of the event: the return of the Rammer brand for Sandvik rockbreaking hammers.

The launch created quite a stir with Duncan McGregor, the vice president for Global Sandvik Breaking, Crushing and Screening (UK), David Scurr, national Sandvik/Rammer business line manager, Transmin Breakers & Attachments sales manager (for Queensland and the Northern Territory) Chris Theodore and local MP Michael Pucci announcing the news and cutting the red Rammer ribbon.

The Rammer hammer in the demonstration spotlight for the event was a Rammer/Sandvik BR3288 breaker fitted to a Hitachi ZX300 excavator. During the demonstrations Transmin Breakers & Attachments were able to exhibit the advanced features of the BR3288 breaker.

The BR3288 features specific stroke selection, which can be easily adjusted at the side of the valve body. A high energy mode delivers maximum impact energy from every blow, while the high frequency mode delivers maximum speed, with lower impact energy.

These choices benefit the operator by allowing them to match the breaker to the material they are breaking. The high energy mode was recommended for hard material, eg granite and tough foundations. The high frequency mode, delivering up to 630 blows per minute and providing excellent productivity for every application was recommended for soft material such as concrete, limestone and shaly fractured rock.

Chris Theodore presented the product on the day. ?The BR3288 hammer features important Idle Blow Protection. Easy to adjust at the side of the valve body, the selectable idle blow protector works in either high energy mode or high frequency mode, allowing you [the operator] to match the breaker to the application,? he explained.

?This protects the breaker from idle blows, for example, when the tool does not hit the material, the impact energy goes back into the breaker and can cause premature failure, the Idle Blow Protection will protect the breaker and excavator from this stress.

?The hammer also offers the vibration dampened and supported tie rods (VIDAT) system, being the world?s most reliable and robust tie rods, spherical tie rod nuts and tie rod damper bushings. This is of major benefit because of less consequential damages with the long life of the VIDAT tie rod system, resulting in a reduction in downtime and increased productivity and reliability of the breaker,? Theodore added.

Another significant feature of the Rammer/Sandvik BR3288 was the time-saving auto-greasing system. Fitted to the side of the breaker are simple and cost-effective screw-in cartridges filled with copper-based high temperature/high wear grease. The system sends a dose of grease to the breaker?s tool and bushings during the start of each impact cycle, extending the life of the tool and bushings, as well as increasing the breaker utilisation.

The operator no longer needs to leave the excavator cabin to manually grease the breaker every two hours. As demonstrated, it is easy to adjust at the amount of grease pumped to the bushings, allowing the operator to ensure the correct amount of grease is going to the tool and bushings.

Notably, the hammer also boasts a Sealed for Life Nitrogen-filled Membrane Accumulator. This allows the system to tolerate high back pressure, wider oil flow range and it does not require constant re-gassing because the unique system does not leak. This ensures maximum power is delivered with every impact blow.

The Rammer/Sandvik BR3288 breaker can be mounted to a wide range of excavators ranging from 27 to 40 tonnes, maximising use over a variety of applications.

Being able to boast a lifetime warranty sets the Rammer/Sandvik hammer range apart from others in the world market.

The range of breakers is designed for heavy duty applications and is used all over the world. Transmin Breakers & Attachments offer hammers suitable for 100 tonne machines down to breakers suitable for 800kg. In addition, the Rammer/Sandvik pedestal-mounted rockbreaker boom systems are used in jaw crushers and hoppers/feeders to clear blockages during the crushing process.

The boom systems allow operators to easily break or dislodge obstacles that block/bridge in fixed and mobile crushing. This is the safest and most efficient method to clear blockages, allowing the crushing plant to maintain its throughput.

The Rammer/Sandvik breakers are used in the quarrying, civil construction, demolition and recycling industries throughout a variety of applications such as primary breaking, secondary breaking, trenching, demolition and recycling.

Transmin Breakers & Attachments are the authorised Rammer/Sandvik hammer distributors for Queensland, NT and WA, having been partnered with Sandvik since 1997.

They offer a team of dedicated and factory trained service specialists providing quality field service and workshop servicing. All breaker repairs are tested on custom test benches prior to being delivered, along with a complete range of spare parts to provide total piece of mind.

Chris Theodore touched on some of the company?s aftermarket services on the day. ?If a [client?s] machine is unavailable due to scheduled service or break down, or if extra capacity is required without the capital outlay, we have a hire fleet available to keep business running with minimal down time.?

It was obvious to all who attended the open day that the Breakers & Attachments team prides itself on providing market leading products and second-to-none after sales service.

Source: Transmin Breakers & Attachments

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