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Quarry collaborates on road safety program

Hanson?s Wolffdene Quarry in Queensland has taken another step in this direction through working with Rivermount College.

By using a presentation focusing on educating young drivers and future P platers about safely driving around trucks and teaching students about how they operate, the company is promoting the industry and safety.

Rivermount College principal Richard Young congratulated Wolffdene Quarry for taking this forward-thinking step.

?Wolffdene Quarry and Rivermount College have a long history of working together. Wolffdene Quarry provided materials when the school was first constructed and continues to work with the school in regards to school tours, science studies and job traineeship programs,? said Young.

Wolffdene Quarry?s Reno Fabretto said the local team came up with the idea for the presentation after seeing a number of near misses on the roads.

?The Beenleigh and Yatala region is a key resource area with a number of leading transport routes, which are frequented by a large number of trucks in all sizes,? Fabretto said.

?We constantly run courses and training sessions with our truck drivers to ensure they are maintaining safe practices when on the road.

?This year, we realised we needed to widen our scope and spread the safety messages with young adults to ensure our local roads are safe.

?We are committed to ensuring all of our truck drivers, team members and our surrounding neighbours arrive home safely to their families every night.?

The workshop, presented by Wolffdene Quarry truck drivers, transport managers and driving trainers, looks at what it takes to drive trucks, breaks down myths about trucks and truck drivers, shows the ins and outs of a truck regarding blind spots and visibility on the road and, most importantly, discusses key issues when driving around trucks such as overtaking, braking and tailgating.
?Year 11 and 12 students will take part in the interactive presentation and workshop.

Source: Hanson

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