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Breaker assembly impresses Boral

Boral?s Bridgewater operation is a basalt quarry about 400 metres east of the Midland Highway, north of Hobart, producing road and concrete aggregates as well as crushed rock, including road base.

The breaker is an Indeco HP1200, which has been fitted to a purpose-built three metre reach and dipper arm assembly aimed at eliminating the conventional and hazardous methods of unblocking feeders and removing oversized stone from primary crushers. The Indeco system has not only eliminated these dangers, but increased productivity.

The Indeco system can be operated from the mounting point of the arm, giving an unrestricted view of the crusher jaw, or by mobile radio control. This allows the operator to attend to the blockage from any access point or via cameras viewed from the remote operating cabin.  A remote camera system not only adds to operator safety but allows the quarry to work in any climatic condition.

When a rock bridges the feeder, the Indeco system provides an unhindered view of the obstruction, allowing the user to break the rock and get it going again with a minimum of downtime and fuss.

With a full range of rock breakers, crusher arm assemblies, pulverisers and compaction plates, Indeco can custom design and build a system to suit any application.

Source: Indeco

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