Detection belt guards against belt rips, tears

The 4B Bulldog electro-mechanical system has been designed to detect dangerous misalignment of the conveyor and also detection of belt tear damage.

The switch will detect horizontal misalignment of belts when contact is made with the roller; the roller arm will be forced to pivot by the belt activating a switch at 15? to trigger an alarm, and 30? to trigger a shut down procedure of the conveyor. The sensors are usually installed in pairs on opposite sides of the belt.

A steel flexible wire is set below the running conveyor belt approximately 20mm to 30mm attached by a rare earth magnet at each end. If the belt is ripped or damaged, the wire is pulled away, releasing the magnet connection which in turn will activate a switch.

The Bulldog?s robust design makes it suitable for the use in heavy duty applications such as quarrying and mining. It is easy to install and does not need calibrating. The Bulldog is compatible with 4B?s CBS2 belt alignment monitor and the Watchdog Elite monitoring system. It has been approved for use in hazardous areas according to ATEX and IECEx.

4B Australia is the latest subsidiary of the 4B Group and now stocks almost all of the electronics that 4B offer globally to support the growing requirement for products that meet the high standards of IECex certification.

Source: 4B Australia

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