CompAir AirAudit

A compressed air system is one of the largest consumers of energy. Costs can account for approximately 80 per cent of the lifetime costs of a compressor but it also represents one of the greatest opportunities to generate savings and reduce the carbon footprint.

The first step is to undergo a comprehensive audit. CompAir offers this service to identify areas of loss or inefficiencies within a compressed air system.

The service includes leak detection, demand and supply side flow analysis, full measurement of power absorbed, including power factor, actual flow rates as well as pressure and dew point.

While the AirAudit can identify savings, it may be the case that upgrading the compressor to better meet these new demands will reduce the associated energy costs.

The cost of undergoing an AirAudit can be recovered through reduced system costs and depending on your location and business type, you may even be eligible for State or Federal Government funding to cover the cost and the work to improve and optimise your compressed air system.

If you are applying for funding under the Australian Federal Government?s Clean Technology Investment Program, an AirAudit will provide necessary support for your application to upgrade plant and equipment.

Source: CompAir

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