Combining wear resistance boost with user-friendliness

For tough applications with large material flow containing some coarse material, Sandvik has developed a new pattern-protected ceramic wear plate. By embedding the ceramic tiles in rubber, the properties of the two materials can be fully utilised. The ceramic tiles? extreme hardness in combination with the dampening elasticity of the rubber provides an unsurpassed wear life. The triangular shaped tiles make it possible to cut the wear plates at an angle and to install them simply and quickly.

Sandvik?s WT9200 ceramic wear plates and ceramic sheeting feature long wear life, resulting in lower maintenance and cost and increased production. Their size and weight ensures fast and easy installation.

The WT9200 has various applications. In the light duty range, it is suitable for smaller feeders, screen discharge lips, chutes, hoppers and spouts with fine material and sliding wear. In the medium duty range, it can be used in larger feeders, transfer points, screen feed boxes and discharge lips, chutes, hoppers and spouts with coarser material and limited impact forces. In the heavy duty range, it is fit for transfer points, chutes, and hoppers with coarse material and impact forces.

Source: Sandvik Mining & Construction

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