Sandvik ceramic wear plates and sheeting

Two items are on the Sandvik menu ? WT9200 ceramic wear plates and WG9200 ceramic sheeting.

To cope with tough applications, Sandvik has developed a new style of ceramic wear plate that has embedded ceramic tiles in rubber. The hardness of the ceramic tiles in combination with the dampening and elasticity of rubber provides very good wear qualities.

Due to the triangular shape of the tiles, it is possible to cut the wear plate straight or on an angle. Cutting can be done using an ordinary band saw instead of expensive diamond blades, so installation time and cost is reduced.

Similarly, the combination of ceramic and rubber means that sound emissions are reduced too.

Sandvik WT9200 ceramic wear plates are ideal for feeders, transfer points, screen discharge lips, chutes, hoppers and screen feed boxes and can cope with fine and coarse materials.

Source: Sandvik Mining & Construction

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