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Recycling business does it part for the environment

Benedict Sand & Gravel, a wholesaler and retailer of quarried, recycled and landscaping products, has partnered with Greenfleet to offset carbon emissions for ?its deliveries to Sydney Water.

Greenfleet is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping the community reduce the environmental impact of travel, business and lifestyle choices by adopting low carbon alternatives and biosequestration. It offsets carbon emissions by planting forests that soak up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they grow.

For every 1000 tonnes of material delivered to Sydney Water, Benedict Sand & Gravel plants 38 trees. From July 2010 to August 2011, Benedict planted 1150 trees and offset 308 tonnes of carbon.

As a key component of its tender to Sydney Water, Benedict Sand & Gravel will offset carbon emissions generated through the transport of its quarried and recycled materials to all Sydney Water sites. This action will also improve water quality, reduce soil degradation and provide habitat for native species.

?Planting trees is essential to creating permanent, biodiverse native forests that offset greenhouse gas,? said Benedict Industries sales and marketing manager Mick Williams.

To ensure carbon credits can be certified, it is essential that the forest will exist for 100 years.

For more information about Greenfleet, and how your operation may be able to assist with carbon offsetting measures, visit

Sources: Benedict Industries/Access PR

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