Pivotal replacement item from Keech

Keech Australia is helping to solve the problem by distributing the Expander system, which is suited to small and large pivot applications.

?Replacing traditional pivot systems is a time-consuming and costly process,? said Robert Everett, Keech?s marketing engineer.

?The process often takes days due to the fact that it?s often necessary to weld and line bore the lugs prior to fitting a replacement. Using the Expander system, though, the new pivot is installed directly into the worn hole. When the fasteners are tightened, the tension washers press the slotted sleeves up the tapered ends of the pin axle and the sleeve expands to conform to the existing wear pattern.?

The system is available for most machinery types and can be retrofitted to virtually any machine with pivots.

The Expander System comes with a 10 year or 10,000 hour manufacturer warranty.

For more information: Keech Australia

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