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Not all Black and Whyte at Scottish quarry

Rubislaw is one of Europe?s largest man-made holes and the owners must decide how to lower the water levels. The BBC reported recently that a 10 tonne boat is to be lowered into the hole to carry out survey work.

Since Black and Whyte purchased the quarry they have been deliberating over what to do with it. Both believe that the quarry, which gave Aberdeen the title of Granite City, should be appreciated for its beauty.

How that beauty is to be shared is still being explored.

So far the pair have looked at turning it into Scotland?s first commercial deep-water inland diving centre. The site would need a lot of work, as the quarry is inaccessible.

But this is not paradise lost, as it appears another company has applied for planning permission to build residential accommodation and a restaurant on the quarry?s edge.

Sources: BBC News, Wikipedia

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