Dust buster at Boral?s West Burleigh quarry

Boral needed a solution to its dust compliance requirements and contacted RST for advice on its haul road and stockpile dust management options.

?This quarry needed a solution to control dust right from the materials handling chain starting at the crusher, along the conveyors to the stockpiles and into the loading onto trucks,? said Paul Heimburger, the RST business development manager.

?We implemented our HiFoam dust suppressant into the crusher system and now also supply our heavy water solution, which they are using on their haul roads, resulting in dust minimisation through the materials handling chain.?

RST supplies 1000 litres of product each month and conducts monthly on-site monitoring inspections as the Queensland Department of Environment and Resources Management (DERM) enforces strict guidelines.

Source: Reynolds Soil Technologies

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