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iPhone to convey more information

Most of the things a conveyor user needs are now at his or her fingertips like operating cost calculations, stockpile volumes, belt capacity, horsepower needs and conveyor lift calculations.
Want to know how much it costs? The app allows you to input operator salary, fuel costs, conveyor horsepower and annual repair expenses to compare the costs of operating a conveyor versus a loader.
Stockpile volumes allow for two variables with a conveyor length and radial arc travel angle and it works out the volume in metric tons (tonnes), short tons or cubic tons.
To work out the minimum horsepower requirements, simply input the conveyor length, width, lift and belt capacity. For a lift calculation centre to centre (in feet), input the angle of the conveyor and its length.
Convey Calc is available as a free download in the Apple App Store and is compatible with iPhones running iOS5 software.
Source: Superior Industries

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