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New high efficiency fuel is low emission

Shell?s new diesel fuel is now available in Kalgoorie in Western Australia, and Pinkenba and Townsville in Queensland, as well as Newport in Victoria and Parramatta in New South Wales. The company plans to expand the number of stations selling Shell Diesel Extra, investing $30 million in its Gladstone terminal to store the new fuel.

The fuel was developed over three years by Shell engineers and designed to deliver savings of up to three per cent over the lifetime of a vehicle compared to regular diesel. The company claims the fuel will also help to reduce a machine?s CO2 emissions by lowering smoke from fuel consumption and improving fuel efficiency.

Shell Diesel extra also boasts improved engine performance, prevents fuel system corrosion, reduces foaming when refuelling and reduces maintenance costs.

Shell has been testing the product in the mining sector in Chile to evaluate its performance against its regular diesel product.

The trial examined the performance of nine Caterpillar 785C and eight 777D dump trucks and resulted in a 2.2 per cent fuel saving for those that were using Shell Diesel Extra.

?After just six months, the trial demonstrated strong fuel efficiency and we would expect these results to remain consistent over time?, said Mick Pattinson, Shell Australia?s senior fuels and lubricants technical advisor. ?What this trial really shows us is the special formulation of the fuel helps to maximise results, so that when customers in Australia use Shell Diesel Extra, we know we?re helping them get the best return on investment from day one.?
Source: Shell Australia

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