Former quarry is hemisphere’s largest tip

New South Wales Premier Barry O?Farrell unveiled the new Genesis Xerowaste facility at Eastern Creek last week. The quarry is 150 metres deep, has a capacity of 12.5 million cubic metres is expected to hold 20 years worth of rubbish.

Owned and operated by Dial A Dump Industries, the new waste disposal facility comes at a cost of $300 million, integrating a design that will reduce negative environmental impacts, including noise and air pollution by using noise absorbers and recycled water facilities.

According to the Blacktown Sun, 92 per cent of waste that arrives at the Genesis Xerowaste facility will be recycled, with non-recyclable waste, including asbestos, being directed into landfill.

In two decades? time, when the quarry is filled, Dial A Dump intends to redevelop the site.

The site?s development was a troubled one, with the first plan for the facility rejected by the local council after strong disapproval by the community. A new plan was submitted for public viewing in 2009, and was approved by a single vote.

Dial A Dump ? which had not responded to requests for comment at the time of press ? insists the facility will not smell.

Check out a video about the new waste facility below:

Source: The Blacktown Sun

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