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Bearing producer in Chinese venture

Together with Italy?s La Leonessa, Brevini has formed Leonessa Brevini Yangcheng, a new company that is currently constructing a dedicated manufacturing centre in Yangcheng, China.

When the factory opens early next year, the manufacturing plant will increase the supply of La Leonessa slew ring bearings, which are designed for axial and radial loads, mostly in the larger units, from 400mm to 4000mm.

The slew rings are designed for applications such as stacker machines, cranes, excavators, access platforms and more.

A number of different configurations are available, with bearings coming with external or internal gears, or without gears altogether. The slew rings also come with one or two rolls of balls, or a row of rollers.

?When the Yancheng facility comes on stream, we should be able to provide the local market with larger bearings which are ideal in applications like cranes and drill rigs,? said Brevini Australia managing director Greg Bunn.

Source: Brevini Australia

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